Hobby Master 1-200 Space Shuttle
HL1402 Space Shuttle "Discovery" OV-103, Feb 1994 with space lab interior ; operable bay doors ; robotic arm can be posed (SRMS)

The U.S. Space Shuttle program started with the awarding of the contract to Rockwell International's Space Transportation Systems Division. There were 6 shuttles built, Enterprise OV-101 (Orbital Vehicle) for testing, Columbia OV-102, Challenger OV-099, Discovery OV-103, Atlantis OV-104 and Endeavour OV-105. The first of 135 Space Shuttle missions took place April 12, 1981 and lasted 2 days 6 hours when STS-1 (Space Transportation System) was launched using Space Shuttle Columbia. Of the 135 mission launches there were 2 tragedies when Columbia and Challenger plus their crews were lost.

Space Shuttle Discovery Orbiter Vehicle Designation OV-103 was the third of five operational orbiters built. On August 30, 1984 Discovery departed on its first flight; STS-41D to deploy three communication satellites, SBS-D; SYNCOM IV-2 and Solar Wing TELSTAR with the mission lasting until September 5, 1984. The crew consisted of Hartsfield, Coats, Resnik, Mullane, Hawley and Walker. Discovery’s last mission was STS-133 that lasted from February 24, 2011 until March 9, 2011. With retirement of Discovery it had traveled 148,221,675 miles, spent 365 days in space made 39 flights.

Specifications Space Shuttle Orbiter “Atlantis”
Weight (with three shuttle main engines) - 151,315 lb (69 t)
Assembled Space Shuttle – 184 ft (56.08 m)
Orbiter Length – 122.17 ft (37.2 m)
Height – 56.58 ft (17.25 m)
Wingspan – 78.06 ft (23.79 m)
Wings Only – 60 ft (18.3 m)
Vertical stabilizer – 26.31 ft (8.01 m)
Payload Bay Doors
Length – 60 ft (18.3 m)
Width – 17 ft (5.2 m)
Height – 13 ft (4.0 m)
Weight (varies depending on payload and other factors)
Lift Off – 4,500,000 lb (2,041,166 kg) Speed – 17,321 mph (27,875 km/h)
Orbit Altitude Depending On Mission – Between 115 miles to 400 miles (185 km to 643.7 km)