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HH1012 HA(L)-3 "Seawolves" US Navy, Task Force, 1967

There were 766 UH-1C helicopters built in several equipment modified variants. One was the “Frog” equipped with side-mounted XM-158 twin rocket pods each holding seven 2.75 inch rockets. The "M-5" fitted the gunship with a nose turret mounting an M-75 40 mm automatic anti-personnel grenade launcher that held 300 anti-personnel grenades. The crews referred to these as “Chunkers” because of the sound when the grenades were fired. The infamous “Shark” gunships were created in 1966 when permission was granted to use the fearsome looking “Tiger Mouth” on the front of the Hueys.

HA(L)-3 “Seawolves” Helicopter Attack Squadron (Light) three was formed in 1966 to support Naval Special Warfare operations and Mobile Riverine Forces in Vietnam. The unit was first formed using 8 volunteer pilots and was formally commissioned in April 1967. The Seawolves were used for SAR, recon, MEDEVAC and insertion and extraction of Navy Seal teams. The Seawolves were decommissioned in January 1972 but not before flying 120,000 combat sorties with 44 being killed and 200 wounded.

Specifications - Huey UH-1C “Frog”
Strictly for use as a gunship. A Huey gunship with an M-5 load out was called a "Frog"; one with the XM-3 was called a "Hog"; and one with both was called a "Heavy Hog".
Length - 45 ft 10 in Rotor - 44 ft diameter
The new "Model 540" rotor system eliminated Bell's distinctive “teetering bar" and replaced it with an electromechanical stabilization that reduced vibration and increased maneuverability. Larger tail boom than the UH-1B Larger elevators than the UH-1B The "C" was given a dual hydraulic control system for redundancy in battle and an improved inlet filter system for the dusty conditions found in southeast Asia.
Engine - T53-L-11 with 1100 hp Fuel - increased from 165 gallons to 242 US gallons
Speed - 131 kts Range - 314 miles
Nominal useful load of 4673 lbs, maximum 9,530 lbs
2 X M -60 7.62mm machine guns 2 X side-mounted XM-158 rocket pods each holding seven 2.75 inch rockets The "M-5" fitted the gunship with a nose turret mounting an M-75 40 millimeter automatic grenade launcher, with a rate of fire of about 220 rounds per minute.