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HG3508 British A34 Comet "Arrogant" T335293, Queens Own Hussars,
Berlin Brigade, 1950

The British Cruiser Tank A34 “Comet” was designed to correct some of the problems with the Cromwell Tank as well as providing better anti-tank capability for their squadrons. The Comet was late entering WWII so it wasn’t involved in any major battles but with its new main gun it could take on Germany’s large tanks. After WWII the Comet saw combat in Korea and remained in the British inventory until 1958. The Comet was sold to 5 other countries and some even operated until the 1970s.

The Queen’s Own Hussars (QOH) was formed in 1958 at Tidworth with the combining of the 3rd King’s Own Hussars and the 7th Queen’s Own Hussars. Squadrons of the QOH were sent to different locations to take part in various activities but in 1960 they were reunited in Munster, Germany where they remained until 1962. While in Germany the QOH was part of the British contingency stationed in the British sector of West Berlin as a deterrent to Soviet aggression.

Specifications for the A34 Comet
Type – Cruiser
Manufacturer – Leyland Motors Ltd.
In British Service – 1944- 1958
Other Operators – Cuba, Finland, Ireland, South Africa and Myanmar (Burma)
Crew - 5 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, co-driver)
Length Including Gun Barrel – 25.13 ft. (7.66 m) Height – 8.79 ft. (2.68 m) Width – 10.1 ft (3.04 m)
Weight – 68,343 lb. ( 31,000 kg)
Engine – 1 X Rolls-Royce Meteor Mk. III V-12 600 hp. Fuel Capacity – Approximately 120 Imperial gallons Maximum Speed – 32 mph (51.5 km/h) Maximum Range – 123 miles (198 km)
Main Gun – 1 X 77 mm HV Mk. II L/49 with 61 rounds
Secondary 1 X 7.92 mm BESA general purpose machine gun in coaxial mount 1 X 7.92 mm BESA general purpose machine gun in bow mount 7.92 mm 5,175 rounds