Hobby Master 1-72 Ground Power
HG4410 LVT(A)-2 B Company, 2nd Amtrac Bttn., Saipan 1944

A vast improvement over the LVT-1 came with the arrival of the LVT-2 commonly known as the “Water Buffalo” and also as just the “Buffalo”. The new machine was provided with better armor, a newer Continental engine and the same transmission found in M3A1 Stuart tanks all riding on a new suspension. This made it possible for the LVT-2 to carry 6,500 pounds, 2,000 pounds more than the LVT-1. The one flaw with the LVT-2 was the bilge powers were powered by gasoline so when the gasoline ran out the LVT-2 usually foundered. The LVT-2 was manufactured from 1942 until 1945.

The Battle of Saipan began on June 13, 1944 with a Naval bombardment. At 07:00 on June 15 more than 300 LVTs began to ferry 8,000 marines to the west coast of Saipan with this portion of the assault completed by 09:00 but with the loss of more than 20 amphibious assault tanks. Saipan was one of the bloodiest battles of the Pacific campaign and gave rise to names like "Hell's Pocket", "Purple Heart Ridge" and "Death Valley" to describe areas of fighting. On July 9 the island was finally secured.

Specifications for the LVT(A)-2
Armored version of the LVT-2
Crew - 2 / 7 Troops - 18 Number Produced – 450
Engine – 7-cylinder Continental Model W670-9A, producing 250 hp, now moved to rear of vehicle
Fuel Capacity – 140 gallons
Transmission – Spicer Gear 5 forward 1 reverse Speed
Land – 20 mph Water – 7.5 mph
Land – 150 miles Water – 100 miles
Empty – 24,250 lbs Loaded – 30,250 lbs Dimensions
Length – 26 ft 2 in Width – 10 ft 8 in Height – 8 ft 2 in
1 X .50 caliber M2HB machine gun 3 X .30 caliber M1919A4 machine guns