Hobby Master 1-72 Ground Power
HG4213 Willys Jeep with 37mm anti-tank gun 3rd Bttn., 1st Armored Rgt.,
1st Armored Div., Tunisia, 1943

Wanting to replace their outdated light vehicles the U.S. Military received three tenders. Bantam Car Company was the initial winner but couldn’t meet demand so the job went to Willys-Overland Motors. Willys was to take the best design features of the three submitted tenders and build a standardized vehicle. Eventually in order to meet an even greater demand the Ford Motors Company was asked to build a similar vehicle. During World War II there was a total of 647,870 Jeeps produced by the three companies; Willys- Overland produced 362,841 of them.

On February 14, 1944 the Battle of Kasserine Pass in Tunisia began. The Allies raced to capture the port of Tunis by way of the Kasserine Pass, a two mile wide gap in the Atlas Mountains and the German forces were waiting and perfectly poised to take them by surprise. Axis troops went to meet the Americans and then fell back luring the Americans into the trap. When the battle was over the Americans had suffered their most humiliating defeat with ten thousand U.S. casualties and two thousand German.

Specifications for WWII Jeep
Manufacturer - Willys-Overland
Crew - 1 with up to 3 others
Weight (gross) - 3,125 lb (1,417 kg)
Engine - Carburetor, liquid cooled, “Go Devil” 4 cylinder (Willys L-head), 60 hp @ 4.000 rpm, 134 cu. In. (2.200 cm3) displacement Transmission - Warner T-84J / 3-speed synchro-mesh Transfer case - Dana Spicer 18 / 2-speed Gear shifter - floor mounted
Front axle - beam-leaf Rear axle - beam-leaf Brakes - Hydraulic Front – drum Rear – drum
Type – gasoline Capacity - 15 US gallons (56.78 liters) Range - 375 miles (600 km) Electrical system - 6 volt, negative ground
Tires - (4) + (1) spare / 6 X 16 (non-directional)
Ground clearance - 8.75 in (22.22 cm) Fording depth Standard - 18 in (45.72 cm / .4572 m) Maximum - 21 in (53.34 cm / .5334 m)
Length - 132.75 in (3.371 m). Wheelbase - 80 in (2.032 m). Width - 62 in (1.5748 m). Height Top up - 69.75 in (1.77165 m). To top of steering wheel w/top down - 51.25 in (1.30175 m).