Hobby Master 1-72 Ground Power
HG4004 British Quad Gun Tractor 1st Canadian Infantry Div. England, March 1942

It all started in Europe but the greatest production of the Quad 4x4 Field Artillery Tractor (FAT) took place in Canada using either a Ford V-8 or a Chevrolet V-6. These vehicles were designed to transport artillery, their crews and ammunition over just about any type of terrain. Because the 25-pounder was very mobile with a good rate of fire it became the standard for British Army artillery divisions during WW II and Korea. The limber is used to carry 32 rounds of ammunition, firing platform and other equipment that couldn’t fit into the Quad.

In August 1914 the Canadian 1st Infantry Division was created. The Canadian 1st Infantry Division was mobilized on September 1, 1939 even before war had officially been declared. Late in 1939 the division sailed to England in two main convoys and along with additional troops reached England in February 1940. In 1941 they adopted the red patch insignia used by the 1st Canadian Division in WWI. For their vehicle identification in WWII the Canadian 1st Division used a red patch with a gold maple leaf in the center. These markings earned them the nickname “The Old Red Patch”. The guns and machine guns they brought with them were obsolete and most personnel didn’t even have steel helmets. The division trained for 3 years while they waited for modern artillery and anti-tank guns. Finally they were shipped out to take part in “Operation Husky” the invasion of Sicily in July 1943.

There were (6) models of the FAT, these are specifications for the Ford FAT-2
Role - Field Artillery Tractor
Passengers – (1) driver + up to (5) crew
Power Plant - Ford-built CMP trucks / Ford V8, 3,916cc, 95hp at 3,600 rpm
Length – 14.2 ft (4.33 m)
Width – 7.33 ft (2.23 m)
Height – 7.5 ft (2.28 m)
Wheel Base – 8.44 ft (2.57 m)
Weight – 8,810 lb (3,996 kg) (4.4 short tons)
Suspension – Leaf spring rigid axle
Total of all versions of the Quad Artillery Tractors built during WWII - 22,891
Ford-built CMP trucks - Ford V8, 3,916cc, 95hp at 3,600 rpm