Hobby Master 1-72 Ground Power
HG3209 M26 Pershing medium tank A Company, 1st Marine Tank Battalion, 1950-51

The M26 Pershing was developed at the end of WWII as the successor of the M4 Sherman. Weighing in at 46 tons with 127mm of armor, excellent agility and a 90mm M3 gun for its punch, the Pershing was a tank capable of standing up to the Panthers and Tiger Is. At the start of the Korean War the M26 was sent to combat the Soviet built T- 34/85s. The M26 became the model for designing the M46, M48 and M60 tanks.

In July 1950 the “A” Company from the 1st Marine Tank Battalion was the first to deploy to South Korea to take action against the invasion from the north. On August 2, 1950 “A” Company arrived in Pusan and entered combat almost immediately. In the mean time the rest of the battalion arrived in South Korea and “A” Company rejoined them for the amphibious landing at Inchon. The 1st TB was engaged in the Korean War for 3 years. Even when an armistice was signed in July 1953 the 1st TB remained in South Korea as a garrison force until it was redeployed to Camp Pendleton with the first company leaving in February 1955.

M26 specifications
Crew: 5 (3 in turret – 2 in hull)
Weight: 41.23 tons
Length: 28 ft. 4 in. Width: 11ft. 6 in. Height: 9 ft 1 in.
1 x 90 mm M3 gun 2 X .30 MG (1 co-ax, 1 bow) 1 X .50 AA
Armor: 12.5 mm – 112.5 mm (on gun shield)
Powerplant: V8 500 hp Ford GAN petrol Maximum speed: 30 mph Range: 100 miles