Hobby Master 1-72 Ground Power
HG3013 KV-1E Russian Heavy Tank 3rd Company, Finnish 1st Tank Brigade (3./I/Ps.Pr), Karelian Isthmus, July 1944

The KV-1E Model 1940 was a heavily armored version of the KV-1 with a 76.2 mm F-32 gun. To better protect the KV-1 bolted on armor was added. In July 1941 M1940 KV-1s had appliquéd armor panels applied and were re-designated KV-1E Model 1940 [E stands for "s Ekranami" – literally KV with screens also referred to as appliquéd armor]. The added armor worked but overall it was more of a hindrance than help. This modification along with a few others brought the weight from 43 tonnes to 50 tonnes and added so much weight that there were frequent drive train breakdowns. But most losses came from Ju-87s, infantry with flamethrowers and anti tank guns like the Flak 36.

The Finnish-Soviet War (Continuation War) began in June 1941 when both sides faced each other for the second time. When the Soviets retreated they left behind numerous disabled KV-1s that the Finns managed to retrieve enough parts to rebuild 2 working KV-1s. One was a KV-1 model 1942 and the other a KV-1E model 1940. The Finns labeled the model 1942 a KV-1A assigned number R-100 that was captured at River Syväri / Svir and the model 1940 a KV-1B assigned number R-170 that was captured at Solomanni / Solomennoye. In the summer of 1943 the two KV-1s were renumbered, KV-1A as Ps. 271-1 and the KV-1B as Ps. 272-1. Both tanks are displayed at the Parola Tank Museum (officially Armoured Vehicle Museum / Finnish Panssarimuseo) 110 kilometers north of Helsinki Finland.

KV-1E specifications
Length: 6.75 m Width: 3.32 m Height: 2.71 m Weight: 47 - 50 tonnes
90 mm
Main armament
76.2 mm F-32 gun with 111 rounds Secondary armament: 3 x 7.62 mm DT Machine Guns with 3024 rounds. Located coaxial, bow, turret rear
Power plant
12 cylinder diesel V-2 600 hp
Torsion bar
Road speed
35 km/h
13 hp/tonne
335 km