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HG1204 German Kubelwagen Type 82 Pz. Armee, Oberkommando, Libya 1942

In November 1938 Porsche completed a prototype vehicle based on the Volkswagen designated the Kubelwagen Type 62. Kubelwagen is short for Kübelsitzwagen, (bucket seat car). The Type 62 lacked good cross-country performance so ground clearance was increased and a modified gear ratio. This gave birth to the Type 82 and in 1940 mass production began at the Volkswagen factory. By early 1943 20,000 vehicles were produced with the total reaching 50,435 by the end of WWII. The Kubelwagen was to Germany what the jeep was to the Allies. In 1942 Libya, North Africa was the scene of many see-saw battles between the British and the German/Italian forces. The Axis forced the British out of Libya and lay siege to Tobruk, a key harbor city. The first siege in November 1941 failed and the Axis forces had to retreat only to successfully attack again in June 1942. They held Tobruk until November 1942 when the British overpowered them and drove what was left of Rommel’ s forces across Libya into Tunisia.

Specification Kubelwagen Type 82
Produced by – Volkswagen
Years of production – 1940 – 1945
Number produced – 50,435
Accommodation – 1 x Driver, up to 3 x passengers
Engine – 1 x Volkswagen Type 1, 4-cylinder 985cc air-cooled generating 24 hp up until 1943. After 1943 1 x Volkswagen 4-cylinder 1131cc gasoline engine generating 25 hp
Speed – 80.4 km/h (50 mph) Range – 434 km (270 miles)
Length – 3.77 m (12.3 ft) Width – 1.6 m (5.25 ft) Height – 1.65 m (5.41 ft)
Weight – 750 kg (1,653 lb)