Hobby Master 1/48 Bf-109
HA8715 BF 109E-4 "Adolf Galland" W.Nr. 5819, JG 26 "Schlageter", France, December 1940

The first German mass produced 109 fighter was the Bf-109E that has been mistakenly referred to as the Me-109. The Bf is the designator for the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW) (Bavarian Aircraft Works) that produced the original aircraft. In 1938 Messerschmitt took over BFW but throughout WWII German handbooks and documents referred to the aircraft as the Bf-109. By the end of 1939 the Bf-109E (Emil) had replaced all other 109 variants and equipped 13 Gruppens with 40 aircraft each. The Bf-109 was the main single-engine aircraft until the Fw-190 came along.

JG26 was officially called Jagdgeschwader Schlageter, named after German pilot Albert Leo Schlageter who in 1923 attacked a train leaving Germany for France with coal the Germans couldn’t have because of the Versailles Treaty. Allied flyers referred to JG26 as The Abbeville Kids or The Abbeville Boys since they were stationed at Abbeville from December 1940 until February 1941. In August 1940 Major Adolf Galland was given command of JG26 and by the end of 1940 Galland’s Bf-109E wore 58 victory markings and a total of 104 by war’s end.

Specifications Bf-109E-4
Single-seat day fighter
Crew – 1
Wingspan – 32 ft 4.5 in Length – 28 ft 8 in Height – 11 ft 2 in
Powerplant – 1 X Daimler-Benz DB 601Aa 12 cylinder inverted-vee liquid cooled, 1,150 h.p. @ 2,400 rpm on take-off Propeller – VDM electrically-operated controllable-pitch fully-feathering 3-blade metal screw Fuel – 88 Imp. Gallons in fuselage behind pilot and under his seat. Speed Maximum – 375 mph @ 12,300 ft Cruising – 298 mph @ 62.5% power Stall – 75 mph landing with flaps extended Range – 412 miles @ 62.5% power @ 16,000 ft Initial Climb Rate – 3,100 ft/min Service ceiling – 36,000 ft
Empty – 4,440 lbs Gross Loaded – 5,520 lbs
2 X 7.9 mm MG 17 MG, 1,000 rpg mounted on engine crankcase firing through propeller 2 X 20 mm MG FF cannons, 60 rpg mounted in wings