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HA8225 "F4U-4 Corsair White 203, flown by Ensign Jesse L. Brown, VF-32, USS Leyte, 4th Dec 1950"

HA8225 F4U-4 “Ensign Jessie Brown”. The model number is changed from 203 to 211. The reason for the change is that an aviation historian from USA supplied a declassified document to our US distributor proving that it should be “211”

The engine was so massive and produced so much energy that a Hamilton Standard 13 feet 4 inch propeller, the largest of WWII, was required. The F4U was the first American fighter aircraft to exceed 400 MPH. The Corsair was referred to by the Japanese as “Whistling Death” and became a legend in its own time. This aircraft was one of the most distinctive designs with it bent wings making it an icon.

On December 4, 1950 Ensign Jesse L. Brown, the first black to complete the Navy's basic flight training, along with 5 other aircraft left the carrier USS Leyte to support UN troops trapped at Chosin Reservoir. When the flight arrived on scene the enemy had left but Ensign Brown’s aircraft was leaking fuel, probably caused by small arms fire from the ground. Brown jettisoned his external fuel tanks and rockets and attempted a landing in the snow. Unfortunately the landing became a crash and Brown was trapped in his aircraft where he eventually died.

Specifications for Corsair F4U-4 Production - 1944 to 1947
Number produced – 2,050
During production life time the F4U-4 saw new 4-blade propeller, chin scoop, flat bullet proof windscreen, canopy revisions, an armored seat and improved instrument panel.
Crew: 1
Length – 33 ft 2.8 in
Wingspan – 40 ft 11.7 in
Height – 14 ft 9 in
Empty – 9,343 lb
Maximum – 14,532 lb
Power Plant - 1 X 2,350 hp P&W R-2800-18W
Climb Rate – 4,770 ft/min @ Sea Level
Service Ceiling – 38, 400 ft
Range – 1,005 miles @ 214 mph @ 15,000 ft.
Maximum Speed – 425 mph
6 X .50 machine guns, 3 per wing
Up to 2,000 lbs. of bombs under fuselage
8 X 5 in rockets under wings