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HA6904 Lockheed U-2R Black Cat ROCAF

In 1954 Lockheed received approval to produce a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. The creation of this aircraft went to Lockheed’s Skunk Works and the famous Kelly Johnson. The aircraft, a single-engine jet that could provide images day or night over Soviet territory, was labeled U-2 (U=utility) and given the name “Dragon Lady”. The first test flight took place in 1955 and was used by the CIA and the USAF during the Cold War. The U-2 came to international notoriety in 1960 when one piloted by Gary Power was shot down over the Soviet Union.

In 1960 the 35th Squadron “Black Cats” was established at Taoyuan AB in northern Taiwan with U-2 flights taking place between 1961 and 1974. The flights were under CIA supervision and flown by ROCAF pilots. The original N803X 56-6683 crashed and the number was reassigned to U-2R 68-10329 that first flew in 1967. This U-2 was the first to fly with Super Pods under the wings and when it joined the ROCAF in was numbered 3925. In 1981 3925 was transferred to the 9th SRW and in 1995 converted to a U-2S.

Specifications for the Lockheed U-2R/S Dragon Lady
Manufacturer – Lockheed Skunk Works
Number Produced or Converted – 104
Role – High-altitude Reconnaissance
Crew – 1
First Deployment Date
U-2R – 1967 U-2S - 1994
Length U-2R – 63 ft U-2S – 63 ft Wingspan U-2R – 103 ft U-2S – 103 ft
Empty U-2R – 14,900 lbs U-2S – 16,000 lbs Maximum Take-off U-2R – 41,000 lbs U-2S – 41,000 lbs
Powerplant U-2R – P7W J75-P-13B Thrust – 17,000 lbst U-2R – GE F-118-101 Thrust – 19,000 lbst
U-2R – 80,000 ft U-2S – 90,000 ft Range U-2R – 3,500 miles U-2S – 4,600 miles