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HA6405 J-15 Flying Shark No. 100, PLANAF, 2015
Special Weapons : 2 x KD-88 missiles

Shenyang Aircraft Corporation in cooperation with the 601 Institute for the Chinese PLAN aircraft carriers. In China the J-15 is known as the Flying Shark with a NATO designation of Flanker-X2. The J-15 has the same basic airframe design as the Su-33. When the jet entered service in 2015 it was compared to the U.S. Navy’s two-seat FA-18 Super Hornet fighter. In 2018 it was announced the J-15 would stop production for the J-15B.

China’s latest aircraft carrier, Shandong, was commissioned in December 2019 and is the first carrier completely built in China. It will join the carrier Liaoning but will be equipped with 44 J-15 aircraft, 8 more than the Liaoning. There are plans to build several more carriers over the next decade. J-15 No. 100 is the first of the service production J-15s. The newer production of the J-15 is receiving a green primer instead of the earlier yellow paint. It is believed the green is a more robust product and needed to protect against salt water.

Shenyang J-15 Specifications
First Flight – August 31, 2009
In Service - 2013
Crew – 1 – 2
Length – 21.19 m (72 ft) Wingspan Down – 14.7 m (48 ft 3 in) Folded – 8.4 m (27.56 ft) Height – 5.9 m (19.42 ft)
Empty – 175,000 kg (38,600 lb) Loaded – 27,000 kg (60,000 lb) Maximum Takeoff – 33,000 kg (72,752 lb)
Powerplants – 2 X Modified WS-10 Variants Producing 132kN Each Maximum Speed – Mach 2.4 (2,940 kph 1,826 mph) Ferry Range – 3,500 km (2,175 miles)
Cannon – 1 X 30 mm GSh-30-1 With 150 Rounds Munitions On 12 External Hardpoints 8 X PL-12 or R-77 And 4 X PL-9 Or R-73 Air-To-Air Missiles YJ-62 Or Kh-41 Anti-Ship Missiles YJ-91 Supersonic Anti-Ship Missiles
ECM Pods
Various Bombs And Rockets