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HA5609 MIG-25PDS Foxbat Red 87, 933rd FAR Air Defense of Ukraine, 1995

The MiG-25 “Foxbat” is a supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft. The prototype flew in 1964 and entered service in 1970 with an operational speed of Mach 2.83 but if needed Mach 3.2 possibly damaging the engines. The MiG-25 caused concern for the U.S. who demanded increases in the performance of the F-15 Eagle under development. The MiG-25s large wings gave the impression of a high weight of stainless steel used to manufacture the MiG-25.

In 1989 the 49th Corps of Air Defence (Kyiv) was formed by combining the 9th, 11th and 19th AD divisions. The 49th was made up of numerous units with one unit being the 933rd Fighter Aviation Regiment AD (Dnipropetrovsk-Kaydaki Air Base). By the end of 1991 there were around 550 MiG-25PD and MiG-25PDS in what was former USSR territory. With this break-up of the Soviet Union Ukraine inherited 79 MiG-25s with 40 MiG-25PDS/PU going to the 933rd but this unit only lasted until 1996 when it was disbanded.

Variants of the MiG-25
MiG-25P Foxbat A
MiG-25RB Foxbat B
MiG-25RBV Foxbat B
MiG-25BBT Foxbat B
MiG-25R Foxbat B
MiG-25PU Foxbat C
MiG-25RU Foxbat C
MiG-25U Foxbat C
MiG-25RBK Foxbat D
MiG-25RBS Foxbat D
MiG-25RBSh Foxbat D
MiG-25RBF Foxbat D
MiG-25PD Foxbat E
MiG-25PDS Foxbat E
MiG-25BM Foxbat F
General Specifications of the MIKOYAN-GUREVICH MiG-25P Foxbat
Number Built – 1,190
Crew – 1 x Pilot
Length – 64 ft 10 in (19.75 m)
Wingspan – 45 ft 11.5 in (14.01 m)
Height – 20 ft ¼ in (6.10 m) Weight
Empty – 44,080 lb (20,000 kg)
Loaded – 80,952 lb (36,720 kg)
Performance Engines – 2 x Tumansky R-15B-300 afterburning turbojets
Dry Thrust – 16,524 lbf (73.5 kN) per engine
Afterburner Thrust – 22,494 lbf (100.1 kN) per engine
Maximum Speed @ High Altitude – Mach 2.83 1,920 mph (3,2000 km/h)
Mach 3.2 2,170 mph (3,470 km/h) continuous engine limit
Low Altitude – 746 mph (1,200 km/h) (648 kts)
Range Mission - 1,075 miles (1,730 km) (935 nmi)
Ferry – 1,600 miles (2,575 km) (1,390 nmi)
Service Ceiling – 67,915 ft (20,700 m) with 4 missiles
RoC – 40,950 ft/min (208 m/s)
Time To 65,615 ft (20,000 m) – 8.9 minutes
2 x Radar-Guided R-40R (AA-6 “Acrid”) air-to-air missiles
2 x Infrared-Guided R-40T missiles
RP-25 Smerch radar RV-UM or RV-4 radar altimeter