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HA5250 Grumman F-14B Tomcat 163225, VF-102 Diamondbacks , 2002 "OEF"

The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a twin-engine, variable sweep wings capable of supersonic flight. The aircraft is crewed by a Pilot and a Radar Intercept Officer who share the tasks of navigation, target acquisition, ECM and weapons usage. The Tomcat was operated by the United States Navy and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force only. The name “Tomcat” is said to come from the call-sign used by Vice Admiral Thomas Connolly which conformed to the USN tradition of giving Grumman aircraft feline names.

VF-102 “Diamondbacks” was established on July 1, 1955 VA-36 and almost immediately re-designated VF-102. In June 1994 VF102 re-equipped with the F-14B. From September 19, 2002 until March 27, 2002 VF-102 embarked onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in support of “Operation Enduring Freedom”. During “OEF” VF-102 flew 5,000 combat missions, dropped 680 bombs and guided 50,000 pounds of precision guided munitions dropped by other aircraft. Returning home after 159 days at sea VF-102 began conversion to the F/A-18F. In 2003 F-14B was transferred to VF101.

Specifications for the Grumman Aerospace F-14 Tomcat
Role - Carrier-based multi-role strike fighter
First Flight – F-14A 1970, F-14B (F-14A+) 1986, F-14D 1990
Last Production Year – F-14D July 20, 1992
Number All Variants Produced – 710
Crew - 2 (pilot and radar intercept officer).
Type F-14A F-14B (F-14A+) F-14D
Length A 62 ft 8 inches B 62 ft 8 inches D 62 ft 8 inches
Wingspan (Swept) A 38 ft 2.5 inches B 38 ft 2.5 inches D 38 ft 2.5 inches
Wingspan (Unswept) A 64 ft 1.5 inches B 64 ft 1.5 inches D 64 ft 1.5 inches
Height A 16 ft B 16 ft D 16ft
Powerplants F-14A 2 x P&W TF-30-P414A F-14B 2 x GE F-110-GE-400 F-14D 2 x GE F-110-GE-400 Maximum Thrust F-14A 34,154 lbs F-14B 56,400 lbs F-14D 56,400 lbs Maximum Speed F-14A 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38) F-14B 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38) F-14D 1,544 mph (Mach 2.38) Ceiling F-14A 50,000+ ft F-14B 53,000+ ft F-14D 53,000+ ft Range F-14A 1,730 nm F-14B 2,050 nm F-14D 2,050 nm
Weight Empty F-14A 40,104 pounds F-14B 41,780 pounds F-14D 43,735 pounds Maximum F-14A 72,000 pounds F-14B 74,349 pounds F-14D 74,349 pounds 1 x MK-61A1 Vulcan 20mm cannon
Maximum Weight – 13,000 lbs. Of Combined Ordnance
Air-Air Missiles
6 AIM-7 Sparrows 4 AIM-9 Sidewinder 6 AIM-54 Phoenix
MK-82 (500 lbs.) 4 MK-83 (1,000 lbs.) 4 MK-84 (2,000 lbs.) MK-20 cluster bombs 4 GBU-10 LGB GBU-12 MK-82 LGB 4 GBU-16 MK-83 LGB 4 GBU-24 MK-84 LGB