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HA 4315 F-86E Sabre FU-746, Col. Maj. William H. Westcott and Francis S. Gabreski, 25th FIS/51st FIW, Oct 1951

The North American F-86 Sabre was manufactured from 1949 – 1956 and was America’s first swept-wing fighter. As well as being built in the U.S. variants were built in Canada and Australia bringing the total of all variants manufactured to 9,860 units. During the Korean War the Sabre arrived to take on the other swept-wing aircraft of the conflict, the MiG-15 Fagot. The Americans claim they shot down 792 MiGs while only losing 78 Sabres, a 10:1 victory ratio which is greatly disputed.

Col. Francis Gabreski, commander of the 25th FS/51st FIW and was assigned North American F-86E 51-2740 named “Gabby”. Occasionally pilots flew whichever aircraft was available and in October 1951 he was flying F-86E 51-2746 FU-746 “Lady Frances/Michigan Center” when he shot down one of the 6.5 MiG-15s he accumulated during his tour. FU-746 was the aircraft assigned to Major William Westcott who scored several of his 5 victories in FU-746. On November 21, 1952 51-2746 flown by 2nd Lt P.D. Blakeley was shot down but pilot was rescued.

North American F-86E Specifications
Externally identical to F-86A Except For New “All-Flying Tail-Plane”
Role – Day-Fighter
Crew – 1 Pilot
Number Built – 369
Length - length 37.54 ft Wingspan – 37.12 ft Height – 14.79 ft
Empty – 10,555 lb Takeoff Clean – 14,578 lb Takeoff w Drop Tanks – 16,346 lb
Powerplant – 1 x General Electric J47-GE-13 / Thrust 5,200 lb.st. Maximum Speed @ Sea Level – 679 mph Speed @ 35,000 ft – 601 Initial RoC – 7,250 ft/min Ground To 30,000 ft – 6.3 min Service Ceiling – 47,200 ft Combat Radius – 321 miles Ferry Range – 1,022 miles