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HA3409 Japan F-1 Jet Fighter 90-8227, 6th Squadron, JASDF ASM-1 missile

The Mitsubishi F-1 is a single-seat attack aircraft that evolved from the Mitsubishi T-2 supersonic jet trainer. Its primary task in the Japanese Self Defense Force is anti- shipping with an air-to-air capability. The F-1 entered service in April 1978 and production ended in March 1987. 160 aircraft were planned, but only 77 were built. The F-1 had several upgrades to extend its service life. The F-1 has slowly been replaced by the Mitsubishi F-2 and upgraded F-4EJ "Kai" Phantom II's. In 2006 six F-1's were retired

The Mitsubishi F-1 was the first Japanese developed and built supersonic military jet. In 1978 the JASDF began to replace the aging F-86 with the first of 77 Mitsubishi F-1. In 1981 the 6th Squadron (Hikotai) became the third unit to be outfitted with the F-1. The F-1 was utilized until 2006 when it was replaced by the Mitsubishi F-2. When F-1 90- 8227 was retired it was sent to the JASDF Air Park at the Hamamatsu AB in Shizuoka Prefecture where it is an indoor display..

Specifications for the Mitsubishi F-1
Role - Multi-role Light Fighter and Maritime Attack
Crew – 1 x pilot
Length – 17.66 m (57 ft 11 in) Wingspan – 7.88 m (25 ft 10 in) Height – 4.39 m (14 ft 5 in) Wing Area – 21.2 m
Empty – 6,358 kg (14,017 lb) Maximum Takeoff – 13,674 kg (30,146 lb)
Power Plant – 2 x Ishikawa-Harima TF40-801A After-burning Turbofan Each Producing 32.4 kN (7,280 lbf ) (License Built Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca Adour Mk 801A) Maximum Speed – 1,700 km/h (1,060 mph) Rate of Climb - 118 m/s (35,000 ft/min) Service Ceiling – 15,250 m (50,020 ft) Range – 1,130 km (705 miles)
1 x 20 mm JM61A1 Vulcan Cannon AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles Mitsubishi AAM-1 Mitsubishi ASM-1/2 Anti-ship Missiles JLAU-3A 70 mm Rocket Pods RL-7 70 mm Rockets RL-4 125 mm Rockets Mk-82 500 lb General Purpose Bomb M117 750 lb General Purpose Bomb GCS-1 – IR Guided Versions of the Mk-82 All Can Be Carried On 4 x Under-Wing Pylons, 1 x Under-Fuselage Pylon, 2 x Wingtip Missile Rails