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HA3026 F-111G "Boneyard Wrangler" A8-272, 6 Squadron, RAAF, 1994-2007

The General Dynamics F-111 “Aardvark” entered service in 1967 as a medium-range aircraft designed for interdiction and tactical strikes. The F-111 was used as an all-weather attack aircraft capable of low-level penetration of enemy territory. It also could be used for reconnaissance and electronic warfare. Some unique features are variable geometry wings, the 2 crew members sat side by side in an escape capsule, internal weapons bay; terrain following radar and afterburning turbofans. The USAF retired their last F-111 in 1998.

Originally RAAF F-111G A8-272 was USAF SAC FB-111G 68-0272. USAF 68-0272 was retired on September 23, 1982 and sent to storage at Davis Monthan AFB, known as the “Boneyard”. In 1992 the RAAF purchased fifteen USAF F-111s including 68-0272 that became A8-272. The other fourteen F-111s were still in service with the USAF but 68-0272 was taken out of storage and made airworthy. 68-0272 became the only F-111 to ever fly again in an operational capacity earning the nickname “Boneyard Wrangler”. On May 1, 2009, A8-272 was sent to the RAAF Museum at Point Cook.

There were 34 F-111As reconfigured to F-111Gs for tactical use. The conversion consisted of minor avionics updates and strengthening the airframe for the new role.
General Dynamics F-111A specifications
Crew – 2 X pilot, weapon systems officer
Engines – 2 X Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-3 generating 18,500 lbs. thrust each Maximum speed – 1,452 mph (2,336 km/h) Cruising speed - 685 mph (1,102 km/h) Normal Range - 3,632 miles (5,845 km) Service Ceiling - 57,000 ft. (17,373 m)
Length - 73.5 ft (22.4 m) Wingspan - 63.0 ft (19.2 m) spread; 32.0 ft (9.74 m) swept Height - 17.13 ft (5.22 m) Wing area - 657.4 ft² (61.07 m²) spread; 525 ft² (48.77 m²) swept
Empty - 47,481 lb (21,537 kg) Loaded - 82,843 lb (37,577 kg) Maximum takeoff - 98,979 lb (44,896 kg)
Armament 1 X 20mm M61A1 cannon and up to 24 conventional or nuclear weapons