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HA2122 F-100D Super Sabre "Pretty Penny" 481 TFS, Ta Son Nhut AB, 1960s

The "D" variant was the ultimate version of the F-100 with 1,274 aircraft being produced. The production of the F-100 ended in August 1959. The F-100D arrived in Southeast Asia in 1962 with its primary mission being close air support and ground attack within South Vietnam. This role was eventually taken over by the A-7 Corsair II. The aircraft became affectionately known as “The Hun”, short for “one HUNdred”. The last F-100 left Vietnam in July 1971 but not before 242 of these aircraft was lost. The “Hun” was eventually replaced by the F-4 Phantom II and the F-105 Thunderchief.

The 481st TFS Crusaders arrived at Tan Son Nhut on June 21, 1965 and began flying combat missions in South Vietnam the same day. The 481st TFS flew an average of 30 sorties a day and by November 27, 1965 when they left for home at Canon AFB they had flown 3,600 sorties and had a total of 5,025 combat flying hours. One of the 481st TFS F-100D was 56-3285 flown by 1st Lt Peter Vanderhoef and 1st Lt Jerry Sloame. The aircraft was named “Pretty Penny” after Sloame’s wife.

Specifications for the F-100D
Primary function
1 X Pratt & Whitney J57-P-21/21A turbojet, 10,200 lb.st. dry and 16,000 lb.st. with afterburning.
Wingspan 38 ft 9 in Length - 50 ft 0 in Height - 16 ft 2 3/4 in Wing area - 400 sq. ft.
Maximum speed - 770 mph at sea level (clean), 864 mph (Mach 1.3) at 36,000 ft (clean). Initial climb rate - 19,000 ft/min. An altitude of 35,000 ft could be attained in 2.3 minutes. Service ceiling - 36,100 ft, combat ceiling 47,700 ft, absolute ceiling 50,000 ft. Normal range - 534 mi, maximum range 1,995 mi. Fuel capacity – 1,739 US gallons internally, total of 2,139 gallons if maximum external fuel is carried.
Empty - 21,000 lbs Gross - 28,847 lbs Maximum T/O - 34,832 lbs
4 X 20-mm Pontiac M-39 cannon 6 X under-wing pylons for up to 7,040 lbs of bombs, fuel tanks, or rockets. 1 X MK-28 or Mk-43/57/61 nuclear weapon could be carried. In later versions, 4 X AIM-9B/E/J Sidewinder air-to-air infrared homing missiles could be carried.