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HA1615 Mirage 2000-5 "20 Years of Operation" 2020/E120, ROCAF, 2018

The Mirage 2000 has been in service since 1984 with production ending in 2007 when the final aircraft was delivered to the Hellenic Air Force. The Mirage 2000-5F was supposed to be an export variant but the company didn’t receive enough demand from the French Air Force to make it viable so existing aircraft were upgraded. In 1993 it was decided to upgrade present aircraft and in 1997 work began with the first 2000-5F being delivered in 2000. In 2011 2000-5F’s were engaged in action in Libya.

In the spring of 1997 the RoCAF began receiving the first of 60 French built Mirage 2000-5s with the last aircraft arriving in late 1998. The Mirage 2000-5s main task was high altitude offshore interception. At first the Mirage 2000-5 was a formidable aircraft with Active Radar and MAGIC II IR AAM’s but as time went on newer aircraft were faster and lighter and suited for adaptation of new weaponry so the 2000-5 time is almost over with Taiwan seeking new aircraft to replace it.

Specifications for the Mirage 2000-5F
This variant is different from the Mirage 2000C only in upgraded radar and avionics. The 2000-5F is also capable of carrying the over-sized drop tanks developed for the 2000N allowing for greater range. These were done to extend the life of the Mirage 2000 until the new Rafale is available.
Type: Mirage 2000C
Function: fighter
First flight: 1978
Crew: 1
Engines: (1) SNECMA M53-P2 afterburning turbofan
Thrust: 14,462 lb (64.3 kN)
21,385 lb (95.1 kN) with afterburner
Length: 47.10 ft (14.36 m)
Height: 17.02 ft (5.20 m)
Wing Area: 441 ft2 (41.98 m2)
Wingspan: 29.96 ft (9.13 m)
Empty Weight: 16,534 lb (7,500 kg) Max. Weight: 17000 kg
Normal take-off weight: 20,944 lb (9,500 kg) [fighter mission]
Max take-off weight: 37,480 lb (17,000 kg)
Max payload: 13,890 lb (6,300 kg)
At altitude: 1,455 mph (2,340 km/h) at 36,090 ft (11,000 m), Mach 2.2 [sustained] 1,550 mph (2,495 km/h),

Mach 2.35 [dash] at sea level: 915 mph (1,470 km/h)
Initial rate of climb: 55,971 ft (17,076 m) / min
Service ceiling: 54,000ft (16,460m)
Normal: 380 nm (700 km)
Ferry: 2,000 nm (3,704 km)
(2) 30-mm DEFA 554 cannons (125 rds ea)
External hard-points: 9
Air-to-Air Missile: Matra Super 530, Matra 550 Magic, MICA
Air-to-Surface Missile: AS.37, AS.39 Exocet, Wasp, ASMP cruise missile,

Bombs: BAP 100,
BGL 1000 laser-guided,
250/400 kg GP, cluster bombs
Other: ECM pods, rocket pods