Hobby Master 1-72 Air Power
HA1525 T-6D Texan 1261, FAB (Brazilian Air Force)

North American Aviation won a competition to build a basic trainer that would prepare pilots in over 50 countries for over 50 years. The design known as the T-6 has a variety of designations depending on the country that owned them and the model variant. The USAAC referred to them as AT-6 (Advanced Trainer) while the USN designated them SNJ. The British Commonwealth countries referred to them as Harvards. In all their variants there were 15,495 aircraft built.

In December 1938 the Brazilian Navy acquired 12 T-6 Texans of the NA-46 variant. In August 1939 the Brazilian Army Air Force acquired 30 of the NA-72 variant. Over the years Brazil accumulated almost 500 Texans of different variants. An arrangement was reached that allowed a Brazilian company to manufacture some aircraft. During the 1960s and 1970s some of these aircraft were outfitted with machine guns, hardpoints for bombs and missiles. T-6D 1261 is on a pedestal in the small town of Paraguaçu-MG in the Brazilian interior.

Specifications for the FAB T-6 Texan
Role – 2 Seat Trainer/Dive Bomber
Length – 29.5 ft (8.99 m) Wingspan – 42 ft (12.8 m) Height – 11.7 ft (3.56 m)
Empty – 3,999 lb (1,814 kg) Maximum Takeoff – 5,249 lb (2,381 kg)
Powerplant – 1 x Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN-1 WASP engine Speed Maximum – 209 mph (182 knots) Cruise – 145 mph (126 knots) Operational Range – 630 miles (1,014 km) Service Ceiling – 24,000 ft (7,315 m)
2 x .5 cm machine guns 1 x 110 lb (50 kg) bombs under each wing or 1 x .303 machine gun and 4 x 110 lb (50 kg) bombs under wings