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HA1432 A-4SU Super Skyhawk "Black Knights" Flight Lead, RSAF

The A-4 Skyhawk was designed by Ed Heinemann from the Douglas Aircraft Corporation and first flew in 1954. Designed as a lightweight single engine attack aircraft it was consider by many to be the most famous ever built in this category. The A-4 was the pioneer of the “buddy” air-to-air refueling concept where aircraft of the same type could transfer fuel from one to the other without the use of a dedicated tanker. . A total of 2,960 A-4 aircraft were produced with the USMC retiring the last one in 1996.

The RSAF “Black Knights” was created in 1973 and equipped with 4 Hawker Hunters which they flew until 1983 when they were disbanded. In 1981 another team was created, the “Flying Tigers” that were equipped with F-5E aircraft so they became the “Black Knights”. In 1990 the team began to fly 6 A-4SU Super Skyhawks and in 1999 the team switched to 4 A-4SUs and 2 F-16As until 2007 when they flew 6 F-16s.The “Black Knights” were disbanded between 2009 and 2013 when they were re-established with 6 new F-16Cs

The A-4SU Super Skyhawk is a much improved variant of the RSAF A-4S.
Number produced – 150
Crew – 1 (2 in TA-4SU Trainer)
Length – 41 ft 9 ins Wingspan – 27 ft 6 ins Height – 15 ft
Empty – 10,250 lbs Maximum takeoff – 22,500 lbs
Powerplant – 1 X General Electric F404-GE-100D turbofan producing 48.4 kN (10,800 lbf) thrust
Maximum speed – 700 mph
Ferry range – 2,000 mi with 3 drop tanks
Service ceiling – 40,000 ft
Rate of climb – 10.913 ft/min
Guns – 2 X 30 mm ADEN cannons with 200 rounds/gun
Hardpoints – 5
1 X centerline fuselage
4 X under wing pylons that can carry a capacity of 9,000 lbs of assorted munitions
LAU-5003 rocket pods capable of carrying 19 X 70 mm CRV7 rockets
LAU-10 rocket pods carrying 4 X 127 mm Zuni rockets
Matra rocket pods carrying 18 X 68 mm SNEB rockets
AIM-9 Sidewinders Air-to-air
AGM-65 Maverick Air-to-surface
Paveway LGB
Mark 80 unguided bombs
Up to 3 X 370 U.S. gallons external drop tanks