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HA1431 Douglas A-4G Skyhawk 216/NZ 6216, RNZAF, July 1984

Designed to replace the Douglas AD-1 Skyraider the Skyhawk first flew in 1954. Its small size was a radical departure from the normal “Big” thinking of the time. The USN first took delivery in late 1956 with the USMC receiving theirs 3 months later. Over the years many nicknames were used, “Tinker Toy”, “Heinemann’s Hotrod” (the designer was Ed Heinemann), with the E and F models labeled the “Camel” because of the electronics hump along the dorsal. Probably the most well known nickname used for the 2,960 A-4’s that were produced is “Scooter”.

Douglas Skyhawk A-4 Bu 155061 made its maiden flight on July 31, 1967. The aircraft was assigned to VA-155 in October 1968 and reassigned to VA-212 in 1969 where it spent time in Vietnam War. In 1971 the aircraft was sold to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and delivered to VF-805 as N13-155061 (RAN code 874). In 1983 874 was withdrawn from service until July 1984 when it was sold to New Zealand. The aircraft became NZ6216 and converted to a “K” variant and later donated to the Omaka Museum, New Zealand.

Specifications A-4G
Based on the A-4F - new ejection seat, wing lift spoilers, nose wheel steering, optional external in-flight refueling buddy tank and additional weapons options.
Manufacturer: McDonnell Douglas
Type: Carrier-borne light attack fighter bomber
Delivered: 1967
Crew: one
Weight: 10,100 lbs empty - 24,500 lbs loaded
Wing Span – 27 ft. 6 in.
Length – 44 ft.
Height – 15 ft.
Engine: 1 X Pratt & Whitney J52-P8A 9,300 lb thrust
Ceiling - 40,000 ft.
Speed - 756.75 mph ( 657.6 kts)
Range - 2,000 mi. (ferry)
Guns – 2 X 20 mm cannons 100 rounds per gun,
250lb or 500lb bombs,
2.75 in. or 5 in. rocket pods,
AIM-9B Sidewinder IR AAMs