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HA1407 McDonnell Douglas A-4E Israeli 116 Sqn

The A4D-5 later renamed the A-4E was a major upgrade for the Skyhawk. It received a new engine, stronger airframe, 2 additional weapons pylons for a total of 5, new avionics. The former A-4s were designed more for a nuclear capability but at this time this need was becoming less important. The designers went to work to make the A-4E capable of delivering conventional munitions. The addition of the pylons now made the A-4E capable of carrying a more varied weapons and fuel load up to a maximum of 8,200 pounds.

The 116 is known as “The Flying Wing” Squadron first flew in 1956 using P-51Ds and Mystere IVA. In October 1956 during the “Suez Crisis” the Squadron received the unofficial nickname “The Wire-cutters” because they would fly their aircraft through Egyptian telegraph wires to disrupt communications. The 116 Squadron flew the A-4Es until upgrading to the N version in 1975. During the 1973 Yom Kippur War the A-4 suffered heavy losses making it necessary for the US to send 28 replacements. There were 499 A-4Es built and Israel acquired 94 of them.

A-4E Skyhawk Specifications
1 x Pratt & Whitney J52-P-6A turbojet, 8500 lb. Thrust
Max speed 673 mph at sea level with a clean aircraft 636 mph at sea level with a Mk. 28 nuclear weapon Cruising speed 498 mph Stall speed 139 mph Combat ceiling (clean aircraft) 40,500 feet Runway to 20,000 ft – 4 minutes
Flight distances:
230 miles with a Mk. 28 weapon 680 miles with 2 X 300-gallon drop tanks Ferry range 2130 miles
Wingspan 27 ft 6 in Length 41ft 4 in Height 15 ft Wing area 260 sq ft
9,624 lb. Empty 18,300 lbs. Gross 22,950 lbs. Maximum
2 x 20 mm cannon with 200 rounds/gun Maximum weapons load 8,200 lbs. carried on 5 pylons - 2 pylons under each wing and 1 center-line pylon