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HA1401 A-4M BuNo. 160264 "Last Skyhawk"

Designed by the McDonnell-Douglas chief engineer Ed Heinemann the A-4 Skyhawk met all the requirements of the US Navy and exceeded many. It was half the maximum weight, could carry four times the weapon load and small enough that it didn’t need folding wings for carrier duty. This small aircraft would earn many nicknames one being “Heinemann’s Hot Rod”. The A-4M assigned to front-line squadrons would be replaced in the mid 1980s by the AV-8 Harrier II.

Designed specifically for the U.S. Marine Corps the A-4M Skyhawk had some major improvements such as a new 11,200 lb thrust engine, an increased visibility canopy, a ribbon-type drag chute and electronics. The first A-4M flight took place on April 10, 1970, with the first fleet delivery Feb 1971. Aircraft number 2960 was the last A-4M manufactured and was delivered to VMA-331 on Feb 27, 1979. A total of 2,960 A-4 Skyhawks of all versions were manufactured with 158 being A-4Ms.

A-4M specifications
Engine: One 11,200-pound thrust Pratt & Whitney J52-P-408A turbojet
Weight: Empty 10,465 lbs., Max Takeoff 24,500 lbs.
Wing Span: 27ft. 6in. Length: 40ft. 3.75in. Height: 15ft. 0in.
Maximum Speed at Sea Level: 670 mph Range: 340 miles with 4,000-pound bomb load
Two 20-mm cannon Up to 9,155 pounds of weapons on five external hard-points