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HA1223 Grumman TBF-1 Avenger 8-T-1, VT-8, NAS Norfolk, May 1942

Just prior to the start of WW II the USN started to look for a replacement for their aging Douglas Devastator. Grumman won the USN contract and delivered a huge rotary engine that was enclosed in a barrel like fuselage to cut down on drag and a fuselage and wing lengths that would accommodate a three-man crew. The aircraft was officially known as the TBF/TBM Avenger but would come to receive the affectionate name of “The Turkey”. The first delivery came in time for the Battle of Midway June 1942.

In early 1942 Avengers began to arrive at NAS Norfolk, Virginia and assigned to VT-8. This made the squadron the first front-line unit to be equipped with the TBF-1 Avenger. The first to arrive was 8-T-1 BuNo 00380 wearing the inter-war red tail stripes and circle within the star insignia. Six VT-8 Avengers were sent to Pearl Harbor and on to Midway arriving just before the Battle of Midway. During this battle the 6 TBF-1s from VT-8 flew against the Japanese forces and 8-T-1 was the only Avenger to survive the encounter.

Specifications for the Grumman TBF-1 Avenger
Type - Carrier based Torpedo bomber
Manufacturer - Grumman Aircraft
Models: TBF (manufactured by Grumman) and TBM (manufactured by a GM
subsidiary) series Crew – (3) Pilot / Radio Operator / Rear Gunner
First Flight - August 1, 1941
Service Delivery - January 30, 1942
Wing Span - 54 ft. 2 in. (16.5 m)
Length - 40 ft. (12.2 m)
Length - 40 ft. 11.5 in. (12.48 m)
Height - 16 ft. 5 in. (5 m)
Empty - 10,100 lb (4,580 kg)
Maximum - 15,905 lb (7,214 kg)
Engine – (1) Wright R-2600-8 Double cyclone, 14-cylinder dual-row radial, 1,700 hp