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HA1061 Lockheed TF-104G Starfighter 13028/TF-028, Turkish Air Force

The F-104G was known as the Super Starfighter, with the G standing for Germany, because they were among the first foreign orders for the Lockheed plane and they placed the largest order. Depending on the source there were between 1,122 and 1,700 G models built under license by 4 European companies, Canadair and Lockheed. The G was a multi-role all weather single seat fighter-bomber with a new upward firing ejection seat, a strengthened fuselage and wings, increased internal fuel capacity, new improved full length flaps added to the wings leading edge for better combat maneuvering, a larger vertical fin, a new radar system with air-air and air- ground modes, inertial navigation that made the F-104G the first production fighter to receive this new equipment, new infrared sight, an additional hard-point under each wing, improved weapons capability now was 4,000 lbs and beefed up landing gear and larger wheels to carry all the added weight of the improvements. The larger gear and wheels made it necessary to create a bulge in the fuselage to accommodate them. The G even received a new engine, though it didn’t deliver any more power it was a much more reliable engine. The G was considered the best version of the F-104.

Lockheed TF-104G 61-3028 was delivered to the Turkish Air Force under the MAP (Military Assistance Program) in 1963. It was one of six TF-104Gs that were newly built and delivered directly from either Lockheed or Canadair and assigned to 4AJU at Murted. The aircraft eventually went to 9AJU Balikesir AB and was in service until 1987 when it was withdrawn from service and stored at Eskisehir until it was scrapped in 1989. Turkey had acquired over 400 Starfighters and retired the last F-104 in 1995.

Specifications for the F-104G / TF-104G
Role – all-weather multi-role fighter-bomber
Production - 1,122
Crew – 1
Role - combat-capable trainer version of F-104G Production - 220 Crew – 2
Engine – 1 x General Electric J-79 of 15,600 lbs. thrust with afterburner Increased Internal Fuel Capacity Maximum speed - 1,320 mph Cruising Speed - 575 mph Combat Radius – 420 mi Ferry Range – 1,630 mi Service Ceiling - 58,000 ft Rate Of Climb – 48,000 ft/min
Span - 21 ft. 11 in Length - 54 ft. 10 in Height - 13 ft. 6 in
Empty – 14,000 lbs Loaded – 20,640 lbs Maximum Takeoff - 29,027 lbs
F-104G 1 x M-61 20mm M61 Vulcan 6-barrel cannon Hardpoints - 7 x capable of carrying a maximum 4,000 lbs of stores Located - 2 x wing-tip launch rails for AIM-9 Sidewinder or similar missiles 4 x 2 under each wing 1 x under-fuselage center-line pylon
TF-104G No cannon or centerline pylon Reduced internal fuel