Hobby Master 1-32 Air Power
HA0308 Grumman F6F-5 "Minsi II" Commander Air Group 15, USS Essex (CV-9), 1944

Features Optional see-through cowling Folding wings Rotating metal propeller Sliding canopy Interchangeable undercarriage Rolling wheels Removable center-line fuel tank 2 Bombs under fuselage, one on each side of fuel tank 6 Rockets, 3 under each wing Realistic looking pilot Dimensions Length - 12.4 in (315.5 mm) Open Wingspan - 16 in (410 mm) Width When Wings Folded - 6.6 in (168.8 mm) Height - 4.43 in (112.5 mm) Height To Top Of Folded Wings - 4.6 in (116.5 mm) Weight - 2.8 lb (1.28 kg)

Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat “Minsi II” David McCampbell’s second “Minsi” Hellcat, USS Essex, 1944 The Hellcat made its combat debut August 1943 and in two years carrier based F6Fs are credited with downing 4,947 aircraft. If land based and Marine Hellcat kills are added it brings the total to 5,156, an incredible figure. This total represents 80% of all kills giving a kill–to-loss ratio of 19 to 1 another outstanding achievement. By Spring 1944 there were a total 4,403 F6F-3s built. Often referred to as the “Aluminum Tank” it was also aptly called “The Ace Maker” because of men like Vraciu and McCampbell. In Late June 1944 David McCampbell received F6F-5 Hellcat that he named Minsi II. LCDR McCampbell flew this aircraft until mid September 1944 and was unable to score one victory during those 3 months. This new aircraft turned out to be a very problematic machine and must have been built on a Monday or Friday. In early September 1944 this aircraft was traded in for the new F6F-5 McCampbell named “Minsi III”. McCampbell ended the war with a total of 34 victories.

F6F-3 Specifications
Total production:
F6F-3 (4,403)
1 x 2000hp Pratt & Whitney R-2800-10 Double
Wasp 18-cylinder air cooled radial engine
42 ft. 10 in. (13.1 m) Length: 33 ft., 7 in. (10.2 m) Height: 13 ft., 1 in. (4.0 m) Weight: 9,238 lb. empty
Maximum speed:
380 mph at 23,400 ft. Ceiling: 37,300 ft.
Climb rate:
to 14,000 ft. 6 minutes 42 seconds Range: 945 miles
Six .50-caliber M2 Browning machine guns, 2,000 lb. bomb-load, or six 5-inch rockets