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HA0158 Ju-87 G-1 GS+MH, 10.(Pz)/SG 1, Dubno, Ukraine, June 1944

There were two versions of the Ju-87 used as tank busters, the G-1 with the short-wing span of the D-3 model while the G-2 was based on the more aerodynamic long-wing span D-5 model. The power plants were upgraded to Jumo 211J and two 30 mm (1.2 in) cannons added by installing them in gun pods mounted under the wings and fired special armour-piercing ammunition, with tungsten cores, at a muzzle velocity of 850m/sec. The Ju-87G1 was also designed to carry a 1,000 kg (2,200 lb) free-fall bomb load.
On the morning of June 22, 1944 Soviets launched “Operation Bagration” to retake Belorussia and Ukraine. 1.7 million Soviet troops along with 6,000 pieces of armor attacked 34 German divisions with total surprise. By July 17, 1944 Germany had lost 300,000 dead and 120,000 captured and lost more than 2,000 tanks. This meant the loss of German Army Group Center. Still wearing its factory registration, Ju-87 G-1 GS+MH from 4. Flieger-Division 10th (Pz) / SG 1 based at Dubno, Ukraine took part in the failed defense.

Junkers Ju-87G-1 Specifications
Type - Ju-87G-1
Function - anti-tank
Year – 1942
Crew – 2
Engines - 1 X 1400hp Junkers Jumo 211J
Wing Span - 15.00 m Length - 11.50 m Height - 3.90 m Wing Area - 33.69m2
Empty - 4400 kg Maximum - 6600 kg
Speed - 314 km/h Range - 320 km
2 x 37 mm cannons 1 x 7.92 mm mg Bombs
Maximum – 816 kgs