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TBD-1 Devastator
"Battle of Midway"
T-16, LCDR John C. Waldron
VT-8, USS Hornet, 4th June 1942
1/72 scale
Mostly die-cast metal
Free spinning propeller
Very little plastic
Option to display model with wheels down or up
Display stand included
The Douglas TBD-1 Devastator was designed as a torpedo bomber for the USN and entered
service in 1937. The TBD Devastator marked a lot of firsts for the USN. It was the first widely-
used carrier-based monoplane, first all metal USN aircraft, first completely enclosed cockpit that
stretched almost half the length of the fuselage, first hydraulic folding wings. When bombing the
bombardier would lie under the pilot seat and look through a window in the floor to doing his

TBD Devastator T-16 was c/n 1506 and was flown by LCDR John Waldron of VT-8 aboard the
USS Hornet during the Battle of Midway. On June 4, 1942 the leader of Air Group 8, Stanhope
Ring departed the carrier with Wildcats along with VT-8 Devastators to attack Japanese carriers.
Upon departure LCDR Waldron realized the assigned group heading was incorrect and tried to
get the Wildcats to change direction but was unsuccessful so Waldron got his group of TBDs to
follow him. VT-8 found the Japanese carriers but without the Wildcat cover only one crewman

Specifications Douglas Aircraft Company TBD-1 Devastator

Role – torpedo bomber

Number manufactured – 130

First flight – April 1935

1 x Pratt-Whitney R-1830-64 “Double Wasp” air-cooled radial engine, producing 900 hp (671 kW)
on take-off, 850 hp (634 kW) @ 8,000 ft   (2,438 m)

Empty – 6,182 lbs   (2,804 kg)
Gross – 9,862 lbs   (4,473 kg)
Maximum take-off – 10,194 lbs   (4,623 kg)

Maximum speed – 206 mph   (331 km/h) @ 8,000   (2,438 m)
Cruising speed – 128 mph   (205 km/h)
Landing speed – 68 mph   (109 km/h)
Service ceiling – 19,700 ft   (6,004 m)
435 miles   (700 km) with Mk XIII torpedo
716 miles   (1,152 km) with 1,000 lbs   (453 kg) bombs

Length – 35 ft   (10.69 m)
Wingspan – 50 ft   (15.24 m)
Height – 15 ft 1 in   (4.59 m)

Machine gun
1 x 7.7mm Browning (Fixed Forward)
1 x 7.7mm Browning (Tail)

1 x Mk XIII torpedo
Diameter - 21 in   (533 mm)
Length - 15 ft   (4.57 m)
Weight - 1,200 lbs   (544 kg)
1,000 lbs   (453 kg) bombs