F-84G Thunderjet
455th Tactical Fighter Wing
Republic of China Air Force
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F-84 Thunderjet
The Thunderjet became the U.S. Air Force's primary strike aircraft during the Korean War,
flying 86,408 missions and destroying 60% of all ground targets in the war as well as eight
Soviet-built MiG fighters. Over half of the 7,524 F-84s produced served with NATO nations
and it was the first aircraft to fly with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration team.
The USAF Strategic Air Command had F-84 Thunderjets in service from 1948 through 1957.

F-84 Specifications
Crew - 1 pilot
Length - 38 ft 1 in   (11.60 m)
Wingspan - 36 ft 5 in   (11.10 m)
Height - 12 ft 7 in   (3.84 m)
Empty weight - 11,470 lb   (5,200 kg)
Loaded weight - 18,080 lb   (8,200 kg)
Max takeoff weight - 23,340 lb   (10,590 kg)
Powerplant - 1 x Allison J35-A-29 turbojet, 5,560 lbf   (24.7 kN)
6 x .50 in   (12.7 mm) M3 Browning machine guns, 300 rpg
Up to 4,450 lb   (2,020 kg) of rockets and bombs, including 1 x nuclear bomb
1/72 scale
Mostly die-cast metal
Very little plastic
Option to display model with wheels down or up
Display stand included