Aichi D3A1 "Val" Dive Bomber
The Aichi D3A (Allied code name "Val") was a World War II dive bomber produced by the
Aichi Company in Japan. It was the primary carrier-borne dive bomber in the Imperial
Japanese Navy (IJN) in the early stages of the war and participated in the almost all actions
including Pearl Harbor.

This Aichi D3A1 “Val” Dive Bomber EII-235 was flown by Lt. Tamotsu Ema from the carrier
Zuikaku during the raid on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Ema was the buntaicho
(leader of 9 aircraft) and he successfully returned to the carrier that day. Ema’s bombers are
partly responsible for the sinking of the destroyer USS Simms, an oiler and damaged USS
Yorktown. During the Battle of the Coral Sea EII-235 was damaged and pushed over the side
to make room for other returning aircraft.

Crew - 2 x Pilot, Gunner
Length - 10.2 m   (33 ft 5 in)
Wingspan - 14.37 m   (47 ft 2 in)
Height - 3.85 m   (12 ft 8 in)
Empty weight - 2,408 kg   (5,309 lb)
Max takeoff weight - 3,650 kg   (8,047 lb)
Powerplant - 1 x Mitsubishi Kinsei 44, producing 789 kW   (1,070 hp)
Maximum speed - 389 km/h   (205 kn  /  242 mph)
Range - 1,472 km   (795 nmi  /  915 mi)
Service ceiling - 9,300 m   (30,500 ft)

2 x fixed, forward-firing 7.7 mm   (0.303 in) Type 97 machine guns
1 x flexible, rearward-firing 7.7 mm   (0.303 in) Type 92 machine gun
1 x 250 kg    (551 lb) bomb
2 x 60 kg   (132 lb) bombs
Aichi D3A1 "Val" Dive Bomber  
Model 11
EII-235, Carrier Zuikaku
"Battle of Coral Sea"
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1/72 scale
Mostly die-cast metal
Very little plastic
Display stand included