Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
US M35 2.5 ton Cargo Truck  US Army,
Baghdad, Iraq, 2003
Authentic Detailing
Pre-Painted by professionals
Accurate paint colors
Markings Tampo (pad) applied
Fully Assembled
Die-Cast Model
True to Scale (1:72)
Weathering and insignias
Removable roof
Metal chassis
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Production of the M35 2.5 Ton Truck “Deuce and a Half” began in 1949 and was first delivered to
the U.S. Army in 1950. When production ended in 1988 there were 150,000 of these vehicles
produced in several variants. There are cargo trucks, water or gasoline tank trucks, wreckers,
dump trucks, ambulances, tractors, shop vans, gun trucks and many more. These trucks were so
durable and so plentiful they became popular world wide with some vehicles still in operation

"Operation Iraqi Freedom" took place from March 20 - May 1 2003 involving approximately
390,000 troops from the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, Poland and Peshmerga forces. This
many troops meant a need for a continuous supply of fuel, munitions, food and other materiel.
Reminiscent of the WWII Red Ball Express hundreds of trucks were used to keep the constant re-
supply moving. Eventually the threat of attack by RPGs and IEDs became so prevalent that more
and more C-130 aircraft were used instead to carry out these types of missions.

General specifications M35 2.5 Ton Truck

Production period – 1950 – 1988

1950–88 (M35A1, M35A2) 1993–99 (M35A3)

Length – 274 ¾ in   (6.98 m)
Width – 93 in   (2.36 m)
Height – 111 in   (2.82 m) to cab

Weight with winch
Empty – 12,880 lb   (5,840 kg)
Loaded – 17,880 lb   8,110 kg)

Various Manufacturers - OA-331 Continental Gas I-6; LDS-427 Turbo Multi-fuel I-6; LDS-465
Multi-fuel I-6; Caterpillar 3116 Diesel I-6
Horse Power Varied - 127 to 170 horsepower depending on particular engine

Maximum Road – 55 mph   (88.5 km/h)
Range On Road – 450 miles   (724 km)