Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
German Sd. Kfz. 7
8 ton Half-Track
Luftwaffe Air-Borne Tank Division
Summer 1941, Eastern Front
Authentic Detailing
Pre-Painted by professionals
Accurate paint colors
Markings Tampo (pad) applied
Fully Assembled
Die-Cast Model
Rubber wheels and tracks
True to Scale (1:72)
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The concept for the Sd.Kfz. 7 dates back to 1934 when the need for this type of vehicle was
realized. It wasn’t until 1938 before the first vehicle actually left the factory. The vehicle had
theater-type bench seats capable of carrying up to 12 men. There was stowage room at the
rear for ammunition for the large guns it usually towed. These vehicles required a lot of
maintenance and were prone to tracks breaking. The on road speed wasn’t very good but it
off-road abilities made up for it.

The German Sd.Kfz. 7 (Sonderkraftfahrzeug 7) was an 8-ton half-tracked vehicle designed to
transport troops over all types of terrain. It was a favorite mode of transportation for the
Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and the Waffen-SS. It soon became the main vehicle for moving the
8.8 cm Flak gun and the 150 mm Howitzer. This vehicle was used in large numbers for the
German triumphant parade through Paris in 1940 as well as in propaganda films. It is one of
the most recognized German vehicles of WWII.

Number produced - Over 12,000
Crew – 1-12

Powerplant – Maybach HL 62 & later the HL 64 six-cylinder petrol engine 140 hp
Speed – 50km/h
On-road – 250 km
Off-road – 120 km
Weight – 11.53 tonnes

Length – 6.85 m
Width – 2.35 m
Height – 2.62 m

Armor – 8 mm