The US M10 was the most produced US tank destroyer of WWII. The British M10s were
called Achilles IIC because of the modification of the main gun from a 3 inch gun to a
quick-firing British 17 Pounder. The conversions took place at the Royal Arsenal at
Woolwich. The Mk. IC had a diesel engine while the Mk. IIC had a gasoline engine. Even
the gun of the Mk. IIC was having difficulty against the heavy armor of the German
Panthers and Tigers. Gradually the M36 Jackson with its heavier armor began to take
over from the M10 and Achilles.

The 803rd Tank Destroyer Battalion originated as the 103rd Anti-Tank Battalion on
September 30, 1940 made up of men from the Washington National Guard. On February
10, 1941 the unit was federalized and re-designated the 803rd TD Battalion on
December 12, 1941. On June 24, 1943 the 803rd left for England and were sent into to
battle with their M10s at Omaha Beach June 13, 1944. They took part in the capture of
St. Lo in July, fought their way across Northern France, Belgium and Holland and
reached the Siegfried Line in September. The 803rd TDB took part in actions at such
well known laces as Aachen, Hurtgen Forest, the Ardennes in time for the Battle of the
Bulge. From here the battalion once again fought against the Siegfried Line and
converted to M36s in February 1945. Their battles continued as they fought their way
across the Rhine River and helped end the Ruhr Pocket before pivoting south through
Austria and finally into Czechoslovakia.

Specifications M10 Tank Destroyer

Country of Origin: USA

Entered Service in: 1942

Crew: 5 (Commander, 3x gun crew, driver).

Height: 2.57 m (8.43 ft)
Length: 6.83 m (22.41 ft) (w/ gun) - 5.97 m (19.6 ft) (w/o gun)
Width: 3.05 m (10 ft)
Weight: 29.6 tonnes
Power/weight: 12.5 hp/tonne

Hull, up to 51 mm
Turret, up to 57 mm

Main Armament: M7 3-inch "76.2 mm" Gun - 54 rounds
Secondary Armament: .50 caliber M2 Machine Gun - 300 rounds

Power plant
General Motors Twin Diesel 6-71375 hp (276 kW)

Suspension: vertical volute spring

Road Speed: 51 km/h  (32 mph)
Range: 300 km  (186 miles)
Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
M10 US Tank Destroyer "Wolverine"
803th Tank Destroyer Battalion, England 1944
Authentic Detailing
Pre-Painted by professionals
Accurate paint colors
Markings Tampo (pad) applied
Fully Assembled
Die-Cast Model
True to Scale (1:72)
Weathering and insignias
Turret turns
Metal turret and main gun
Realistic tracks
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