Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
US M10 Tank Destroyer "Duckbill"
"Richelieu II"
Germany, June 1945
Authentic Detailing
Pre-Painted by professionals
Accurate paint colors
Markings Tampo (pad) applied
Fully Assembled
Die-Cast Model
True to Scale (1:72)
Weathering and insignias
Turret turns
Metal turret and main gun
Realistic tracks
The M10 made its first appearance in North Africa where it was quite successful being
able to penetrate the armor of most German tanks in the field at that time. As WWII
progressed it was realized that the M10 didn’t have the speed required to make up for its
lack of armor. As well the crew was left open to the elements and enemy gun fire. In
Normandy the M10 was coming up against the newer German Panthers and Tigers that
had thicker armor than the previous tanks. This made the M10 ineffective against the
German armor and by late 1944 the newer M36 was beginning to replace the M10. By
the end of production there were over 6,000 M10s manufactured.

Country of Origin: USA

Entered Service in: 1942

Crew: 5 (Commander, 3x gun crew, driver).

Height: 2.57 m (8.43 ft)
Length: 6.83 m (22.41 ft) (w/ gun) - 5.97 m (19.6 ft) (w/o gun)
Width: 3.05 m (10 ft)
Weight: 29.6 tonnes
Power/weight: 12.5 hp/tonne

Hull, up to 51 mm
Turret, up to 57 mm

Main Armament: M7 3-inch "76.2 mm" Gun - 54 rounds
Secondary Armament: .50 caliber M2 Machine Gun - 300 rounds

Power plant
General Motors Twin Diesel 6-71375 hp (276 kW)

Suspension: vertical volute spring

Road Speed: 51 km/h  (32 mph)
Range: 300 km  (186 miles)
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