The Spitfire Mk. VIII was going to use the larger Merlin engines so the airframe of the earlier Mk.
V had to be redesigned. This kept the new mark from entering service until June 1943. The Mk.
VIII was produced in 3 versions; the standard fighter F.VIII with the 1,560 hp Merlin 61; the high
altitude fighter HF.VIII with the 1,655hp Merlin 70 and the low altitude fighter LF.VIII with the 1,705
hp Merlin 66. The Mk. VIII was going to be the answer to the Fw-190.

Flt. Lt. Norm Smithell was known by two names, Smithell and Turnbull. His stepfather was
Turnbull so he took the name Turnbull. The 79th Squadron of the RAAF had been flying the
Spitfire for a few years and in February 1945 was based out of Morotai. In September 1945
Smithell had the Disney character Dumbo painted in bright pink on a white cloud above the port
wing. Under Dumbo were the words “Hava Go Jo” referring to the Japanese Commander Tojo as
a taunt to Japanese gunners.

Specifications for the Super Marine Spitfire LF. Mk. VIII

Total Produced - 1,658

Dimensions -
Wingspan – 36 ft 10in  (11.23 m)
Length With Enlarged Rudder – 31 ft 6 in  (9.58 m)
Height – 12 ft 8 in  (3.86 m)

Weight -
Empty – 5,190 lb  (2,354 kg)
Loaded – 7,990 lb  (3,624 kg)

Performance -
Engine – 1 X Rolls-Royce Merlin 66, 1,720 hp  (1,283 kW) @ 5,750 ft  (1,752 m)
Maximum Speed – 404 mph (650 km/h) @ 21,000 ft  (6,401 m)
Rate of Climb – 4,660 ft/min  (23.7 m/sec) @ sea level
Service Ceiling – 41,500 ft  (12,649 m)
Combat Range -
Internal Fuel Only - 680 miles  (1,094 km)
Internal Fuel + 90 Imp. Gallon Drop Tank – 1,180 miles  (1,899 km)
Ferry Range – 1,530 miles  (2,462 km) with a 170 Imp. Gallon Drop Tank

Armament -
2 X 20 mm Hispano II cannons with 120 rpg
4 X 303 Browning machine guns with 350 rpg
2 X 250 lb  (110 kg) Bombs
1 X 500 lb  (230 kg) Bomb
1/48 scale pre-finished.
Die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic.
Professionally painted.
All markings pad applied for superb results.
Canopy slides open.
Comes with a pilot that can be removed.
Comes with display stand.
Landing gear is fully retractable and can be displayed up or down.
Propeller is metal.
Extremely sought after by collectors.
Hobby Master 1/48 Air Power Series
Spitfire MK. VIII "HAVA GO JO!!"
Lt. Norm Smithell, No. 79 Sqn., RAAF, Summer 1945
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