The J-15 is a Chinese twin-engine all-weather carrier-based fighter manufactured by the
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation in cooperation with the 601 Institute for the Chinese PLAN aircraft
carriers. In China the J-15 is known as the Flying Shark with a NATO designation of Flanker-X2.
The J-15 has the same basic airframe design as the Su-33. When the jet entered service in 2015
it was compared to the U.S. Navy’s two-seat FA-18 Super Hornet fighter. In 2018 it was
announced the J-15 would stop production for the J-15B.

The aircraft carrier Liaoning was originally being built as the aircraft cruiser Riga but was
renamed Varyag in 1990. When the Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991 all work stopped on the
bare bones ship and it was sold by Ukraine to China in 1998. The now named Liaoning, it was
commissioned in 2012 and combat ready in 2016. Liaoning’s will embark 24 J-15s, this means
that China is on its way to fielding its complement of carrier-borne fighters.

Specifications for Sukhoi Su-27K (Su-33) Navy Flanker
Crew – 1
Length – 21.185 m   (69 ft 6 in)
Wingspan – 14.7 m   (48 ft 2 in)
Height – 5.72 m    (18 ft 9 in)

Empty – 18,400 kg   (40,564 lb)
Maximum Take-off – 33,000 kg   (72,752 lb)

Power Plants – 2 X 125.5 kN   (28,200 lb st) Saturn Lyul’ka AL-31F3 Afterburning Turbofans
Thrust – 12,500 kg Each Engine
Maximum @ 11,000 m   (36,000 ft) - Mach 2.165 / 2,300 km/h   (1,430 mph)
Maximum @ Sea Level – Mach 1.06 / 1,300 km/h   (807 mph)
Service Ceiling – 17,000 m   (55,780 ft)
Maximum Range – 3,000 km   (1,864 mi)

Internal Gun – 1 X GSh-301, 30mm Cannon 150 Rounds
Twelve External Hardpoints - Maximum 8,000 kg   (17,650 lb)
R-27 Medium-To-Long-Range AAM / NATO A-10 Alamo
R-60 Short-Range Lightweight Infrared Homing AAM / NATO AA-8 Aphid
R-73 Short-Range AAM / NATO A-11 Archer
R-77 – Medium-Range, Active Radar Homing AAM / NATO A-12 Adder, Exported Version RVV-AE

Air-To-Surface Missiles
Anti-Ship - Kh-31A / Kh-41
Anti-Radiation – Kh-25MP / Kh-31P

Guided bombs
Freefall Bombs
Cluster Bombs

Unguided Rockets
S-25OFM-PU Launched From O-25 Pods That Can Hold One Rocket.
External Fuel Tanks
Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
J-15 Flying Shark
No. 114, Aircraft Carrier Liaoning, 2017
True 1/72 scale.

Professionally painted.

Great attention to detail.

All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).

Option to display the model on a stand that is provided.

Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions.

Optional armament provided, ECM pods.

Canopy can be displayed open or closed.

Pilot figure included.

Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic.

Highly collectable.
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