Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
Mitsubishi F-2A 03-8509
"60th Anniversary" scheme
Die-cast metal.
Superb detailing in 1/72 scale.
Pre-painted with pad applied markings.
Fully assembled.
Weapons that are not permanently attached.
Includes  AAM-5 missiles
Comes with crew figures
Display stand included.
Option to display model with wheels up or down.
Minimum use of plastic.
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Specifications Mitsubishi F-2A
Nickname - Viper Zero
Designation - Single-seat Multi-role fighter
Crew - 1 (or 2 for the F-2B)
Powerplant: (1) General Electric F110-GE-129 turbofan
Dry thrust - 76 kN (17,000 lbf)
Thrust with afterburner - 131 kN (29,500 lbf)
Maximum speed - Mach 2.0
Range - 520 miles   (834 km) on anti-ship mission
Service ceiling - 59,000 ft   (18,000 m)
Length - 50 ft 11 in   (15.52 m)
Wingspan - 36 ft 6 in   (11.13 m)
Height - 15 ft 5 in   (4.69 m)
Wing area - 375 ft²   (34.84 m²)
Empty - 21,000 lb   (9,527 kg)
Loaded - 33,000 lb   (15,000 kg)
Max takeoff - 48,700 lb   (22,100 kg)
(1) 20 mm JM61A1 cannon
Capable of carrying up to 17,820 lb   (8,085 kg) weapon load on 11 hard points. They are located
- #1 and #11 at the wing tips, #2-5 and #7-10 under the wings, and #6 under the fuselage.
Possible Weapons
Air-to-air - AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow, Mitsubishi AAM-3, Mitsubishi AAM-4
Air-to-ground - ASM-1 and ASM-2 anti-ship missiles.
Various free-fall bombs with GCS-1 IIR seeker heads, Mk 82 and JM177 bombs, CBU-87, JDAM
and JLAU-3/A or RL-4 rocket pods.
Others - J/AAQ-2 FLIR
Mitsubishi Active Electronically Scanned Array radar system including J/APG-1.
Some differences between the F-2A and the F-16
F-2A has a 25% larger wing area.
F-2A is manufactured using composite materials to reduce overall weight and radar signature.
F-2A is longer and wider nose to accommodate phased-array radar.
F-2A has a larger tail-plane.
F-2A has a larger air intake.
F-2A has a three-piece cockpit canopy.

F-2A is equipped with a drogue parachute.
During the 1980s General Dynamics, the developer of the F-16, proposed another
version of the F-16 called the F-16 Agile Falcon. The US military opted not to get involved
because they were busy upgrading their present fleet as well as developing the new F-
22/JSF. Japan had decided to purchase the F-16 to replace its aging F-1 aircraft but then
decided to develop the F-16 Agile Falcon concept. The new aircraft for the JASDF (Japan
Air Self Defense Force) would be the F-2 and manufactured with a 60/40 split between
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin bought General
Dynamics in 1993. Production started in 1996 with the first aircraft being delivered in
2000. 94 of the F-2 aircraft are scheduled to be manufactured. It might look like an F-16
but the Mitsubishi F-2 is a completely new fighter. The general shape may say F-16 and a
few things that the F-2 and the F-16 have common are the engine, landing gear, air
intake door and the 20 mm gun. But the F-2 has a longer and wider nose to
accommodate phased-array radar with 25% larger wing. It is made from a composite
material to reduce weight and radar signature, a larger tail plane and larger air intake.
The pilot canopy is a stronger three-piece construction. The F-2 is equipped with a
drogue chute just like the NATO version of the F-16. The single seat fighter is the F-2A
while the two seat version is a trainer that is fully Combat capable.

Mitsubishi F-2A 03-8509 c/n 1009 code 509 was manufactured in 2000 and delivered for
active service on December 22, 2000. In September 2014 while with the JASDF 3rd
Squadron at Misawa Air Base this F-2A was given a special paint scheme to honor the
60th Anniversary of the JASDF. The design was comprised of a 60th Anniversary badge
located on the sides of the air-intake, while the vertical tail displayed the national flag of
Japan with cherry blossoms and a diagonal “60th Anniversary” written next to it.
This release comes with a new weapons load 4 x AAM-3, 4 x AAM- 4