The McDonnell Douglas F-4 was the main multipurpose aircraft for the US Military for 20 years.
The F-4E variant was an improved version of the C/D with an elongated nose and compact
radar. These two things made it possible to install a 20mm M61A1 6 barrel 640 round Vulcan
gun pod in the nose. The F-4E was the most produced variant with 1387 aircraft being made
over its 12 year production period. The “E” also equipped more air forces than any other variant
of the Phantom II.

On July 8 1972 while flying MIGCAP for chaff bombers, F-4E 67-0362 crewed by Capt. Steve
Ritchie and RIO Capt. Chuck DeBellevue call-sign Paula 1 received a call from an EC-121 that
MiG-21s were returning home and heading their way. Ritchie turned the Phantom and headed
straight for them. One MiG-21 flew right past him but based on past experience of where there is
on MiG there is a second. Seconds later another MiG-21 raced by so then Ritchie did a 180 and
closed on the closest MiG-21 and destroyed it. The first MiG he had encountered was now
headed for another Phantom so 67-0362 turned and destroyed their second MiG-21 of the day.
This was Ritchie’s third and fourth MiGs and DeBellevue’s second and third. Capt. Ritchie would
end his tour in Vietnam with 5 kills while Capt. DeBellevue would score 6 making him the first
RIO/WSO to score 6 kills as well as the only USAF aviator to score this many during the Vietnam

Specifications McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II

Engines – (2) General Electric J79-GE-17 turbojets
Thrust – 11,870 lb. st dry, 17,900 lb. st with afterburners

Maximum internal fuel - fuselage tanks 1,364 US gallons (up to block 40) and 1,225 US gallons
(from block 41 on).
Additional - 630 gallons of fuel in internal wing tanks.
External fuel load - 600 US gallons centerline tank
Additional - 370 US gallons tanks under each wing attached to the outer pylon
Total fuel load - 3334 US gallons (up to block 40) or 3195 US gallons (from block 41 on)

Maximum speed – 1,430 mph at 36,000 ft (Mach 2.21)
914 mph at sea level (Mach 1.19)
Cruising speed – 585 mph
Landing speed – 158 mph
Initial climb rate – 61,400 fpm
Service ceiling – 62,250 ft
Combat ceiling – 59,600 ft
Combat range - 595 miles
Maximum range - 1885 miles with maximum external fuel

Empty - 29,535 lbs
Gross - 40,562 lbs
Combat - 38,019 lbs
Take off - 61,651 lbs

Wingspan - 38 ft 5 in
Wing area - 530 sq ft
Length - 63 ft 0 in
Height - 16 ft 6 in

(1) 20-mm M61A1 cannon with 639 rounds in an under-nose gondola
(4) AIM-7 Sparrow semi-active radar homing air-to-air missiles in semi-recessed slots in the
fuselage belly.
(2) to (4) AIM-9 Sidewinder infra-red homing air-to-air missiles carried under the wings on the
inboard pylons.
Total offensive load of up to 16,000 pounds could be carried on the centerline and four under-
wing hard-points.
Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
F-4E Phantom II
67-0362, 58th TFS, 432nd TRW
Udorn RTAB, Thailand, July 1972
True 1/72 scale

Professionally painted

Great attention to detail

All markings are Tampoed (pad applied)

Option to display the model on a stand that is provided

Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions

Canopies can be displayed open or closed

Crew figures

Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic

Highly collectable
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