Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
McDonnell Douglas F- 4J Phantom II
VF-31, USS Saratoga, June 1972 “101”
Professionally painted.
Great attention to detail.
All markings are Tampoed (pad applied).
Option to display the model on a stand that is provided.
Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions.
Loads of optional armament provided.
Canopy can be displayed open or closed.
Pilot figures included.
Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic.
Highly collectable.
The F-4J was the last version produced for the USN and USMC. The “J” version
was basically an upgraded “B” version with new radar and avionics as well as a
better engine that required a longer afterburner nozzle. One of the most under
the nose was deleted. Also missing was an internal gun but Sparrow and
Sidewinder missiles were used for intercepting. Between 1966 and 1972 there
were 522 F-4Js built. The F-4J had the distinction of scoring the only USMC air-to-
air combat victory in Vietnam and it also was the last US operational aircraft in
South East Asia. In mid 1970 the F-4 Phantom II was being replaced by the new
and improved F-14 Tomcat.

F-4J BuNo 157293 a/c 101 was flown by Cdr. Samuel Flynn and Lt. William John
and is generally accepted as the aircraft they were flying when they shot down a
MiG-21 on June 21, 1972. According to Cdr. Flynn they were flying F-4J 157307 at
the time and when he was assigned the new F-4J 157293 the kill markings were
transferred to that aircraft. F-4J 157307 is on display at the NASM-Dulles wearing
VMFA-232 markings while 157293 is on display at the Texas Air Museum, Slaton,

Specification for the F- 4J

Engines: 2 X General Electric J79-GE-8B/8C/10 turbojets, 11,870 lb.s.t dry, 17,900
lb. s.t. with afterburner.
Maximum speed: 1,584 mph at 48,000 ft. (Mach 2.4), 875 mph at sea level (Mach
Initial climb rate: 41,250 fpm.
Service ceiling: 70,000 ft.
Combat ceiling: 54,700 ft.
Combat range: 596 miles, maximum range 1,956 miles with maximum external

30,770 lbs empty.
46,833 lbs gross.
41,399 lbs combat weight,

Wingspan: 38 ft. 5 in.
Wing area: 530 square ft.
Length: 58 ft. 3.75 in.
Height: 16 ft. 3 in.

Maximum internal fuel: in fuselage tanks 1,347 US gal.
Internal wing tanks: 630 gal.
Maximum external fuel: 3,317 US gal.
600 US gal in a centerline tank, 370 US gal in each of two tanks that could be
carried underneath the outer under wing pylons.

4 X AIM-7 Sparrow semi-active radar homing air-to-air missiles in semi-recessed
slots in the fuselage belly.
2 X to 4 AIM-9 Sidewinder infra-red homing air-to-air missiles carried under the
wings on the inboard pylons.
Maximum offensive load of up to 16,000 lbs carried on the centerline and 4 under
wing hard points.
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