Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
McDonnell-Douglas F- 4F Phantom II
German JG 74 "MÖLDERS"
True 1/72 scale

Professionally painted

Great attention to detail

All markings are Tampoed (pad applied)

Option to display the model on a stand that is provided

Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions

Loads of optional armament has been provided

Canopy can be displayed open or closed

Crew figures

Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic

Highly collectable
JG 74
The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a two-seat, supersonic long-range all-weather
fighter-bomber. The aircraft was designed as a USN Fleet defense aircraft and entered
service in 1961. The F-4 soon became one of the few aircraft to be utilized by the USN,
USAF and USMC. The Phantom could carry a varied payload and armament so it was
well suited to do just about any job. Because of its large nose and ruggedness the F-4
earned the nickname “Rhino”, along with others that were less flattering. The F-4 went
on to serve in no less than 11 other countries. Production ended in 1979 with 5,201
aircraft manufactured in 14 different versions.

The West German Government decided to buy the F-4F to replace their F-104s. The “F”
version was basically an “E” with major components made in Germany. Between
September 1973 and April 1976 175 F4Fs were delivered. Some aircraft went to equip
Hunting Squadron “JG 74” MÖLDERS. Carrying on a tradition of honoring their war
heroes, in 1973 the JG 74 Squadron received the name “MÖLDERS”. MÖLDERS was a
WWII Ace with 101 victories when in November 1941 he died in a plane crash while a
passenger on a He-111. In 2005 the German Defense Ministry decided that since
MÖLDERS had been in the Condor Legion that took part in bombing of a Spanish town
during the Spanish Civil War that he didn’t deserve to be honored and his name would no
longer be associated with JG 74.

F-4F specifications

Manufacturer: McDonnell-Douglas

Type: Fighter/Ground Attack

Crew: 2

Height - 5.01 m
Length - 19.40 m
Wing Span - 11.70 m

Empty - 21,950 kg.
Max T/O weight - 27,300 kg

Engines – 2 X J79-MTU-17A engines were built under license from General Electric by
Motoren-und-Turbinenen-Union Munchen GmBH.
Thrust - 5,308 kg (8,120 kg with A/B)
Max speed - Mach 2.23 @ 12,500 m
Initial Climb Rate - 41,000 ft/min  (210 m/s)

4 x AIM-120A  AMRAMM air-to-air Missiles
The F-4F originally lacked the capability of carrying nuclear weapons and it could not
carry or launch certain air-to-ground missiles such as the Maverick, Shrike, or Walleye.
The design that finally emerged was 3300 pounds lighter than the stock F-4E.
The number 7 fuselage fuel tank was removed and all Sparrow equipment was
eliminated. The AN/APQ-120 radar was simplified, with no beacon search or constant
wave illuminator being provided for Sparrow or Falcon missile launches. Although no in-
flight re-fuelling receptacle was initially fitted, the internal plumbing needed for midair re-
fuelling was installed at the factory.
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