The Mig-21 was originally built by the Mikoyan and Gurevich Design Bureau in the Soviet Union
with a NATO nickname Fishbed. No other jet has had as many planes produced as the Mig-21.
Depending on the reference source 8,000 - 13,000 planes of without license. A small, fast, agile,
dependable and most importantly simple making it easy to turn out great numbers of the plane.

Only fifteen MiG-21MTs were manufactured for export but none ever left the USSR. The original
MiG-21 SMT and MT both had expanded fatback fuel spines that caused instability. The SMT’s
fatback spine was replaced with the MiG-21Bis spine while the production of the MT ceased and
no new spine. MiG-21MT Serial 96.40.15 15 Blue was the last MT. Twelve MTs went to the 66th
Fighter Bomber Air Regiment and three to Kubinka for display. Later 15 Blue was used as an
instructional airframe and can be seen at Dolgoye Ledovo, Russia.

General Specifications MiG-21BIS

Manufacturer – Mikoyan-Gurevich OKB

NATO Designation – Fishbed L/N

Role - Fighter

First Flight – 1972

Crew – Pilot

Length (Including Pitot Tube) – 14.1 m   946 ft 3 ins)
Fuselage Only – 12.25 m   (40 ft 2 ins)
Wingspan – 7.15 m   (23 ft 5 ins)
Height – 4.13 m   (13 ft 6 ins)

Take-Off Clean – 8.725 kg   (19, 235 lbs)
Maximum Take-Off – 10,400 kg   (22,925 lbs)

Engine – 1 X Tumansky R-25-300 Turbojet With Afterburner Producing 69.6 kN (15,650 lb st)

Maximum @ 13,000 m   (42,650 ft) – Mach 2.05 / 2,175 km/h / 1,353 mph
Maximum @ Sea Level – 1,300 km/h   (809 mph)
Service Ceiling – 17,800 m   (58,400 ft)
Range – 1,210 km   (751 miles)

1 X 23 mm GSh-23L Two-Barrel Cannon W/200 Rounds
5 External Hardpoints
Disposable Stores – 1,500 kg   (3,307 lb)
2 X R-3R Semi-Active AAMs
and 4 X R-60 IR AAMs
S-24 Large-Calibre Rockets (240 mm)
Fireball Bombs (50 – 500 kg)
Rocket Launchers (57 mm Rockets)
Up To 3 Drop Tanks
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Professionally painted
Great attention to detail
All markings are Tampoed (pad applied)
Option to display the model on a stand that is provided
Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions
Loads of optional armament has been provided
Canopy can be displayed open or closed
Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic
Highly collectable
Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
Blue 15, Dolgoye Ledovo, Russia, 1970s