Designed as a light bomber and reconnaissance aircraft, various versions of the Dauntless
served workhorse of the US Navy in the Pacific. The Dauntless dive-bomber was the only plane
to fight in every major Pacific engagement. The SBD-3, sarcastically nicknamed “Speedy Three”,
entered service in March 1941 with production ending in July 1944, by which time a total of 5,936
had been built in all versions.

June 4, 1942 LCDR C. Wade McClusky led aircraft to locate the Japanese Fleet off Midway
Island. When they arrived the enemy had gone so McClusky made a history altering decision. He
guessed correctly where the Japanese Fleet was and his Group attacked and sank two carriers.
Two Zeros attacked and his gunner W.G. Chochalousek managed to down one plane but 55
bullets ripped through the Dauntless wounding McClusky but not harming the gunner. He nursed
the plane back to the Enterprise and later was awarded the Navy Cross.

SBD-3 specifications

Length: 32 ft., 8 in.
Height: 13 ft., 7 in.
Wingspan: 41ft., 6 in.

Empty: 6,345 lb.
Gross: 10,400 lb.

Power Plant:
One 1,000 horsepower Wright R-1820-52 engine

Maximum Speed: 250 M.P.H.
Maximum Range with Bomb Load: 1,345 miles
Service Ceiling: 27,100 ft.

Pilot and gunner/radio operator

Two fixed forward-firing .50-in. guns,
Two flexible-mounted rear-firing .30-in. guns,
1,200 lb. of ordnance
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Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
SBD-3 Dauntless "LCDR C. Wade McClusky"
Enterprise Air Group Commander , 4th June 1942
"Battle of Midway"
1/72 scale pre-finished.

Die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic.

Professionally painted.

All markings are pad applied for superb results.

Crew figure.

Comes with display stand.

Landing gear can be displayed up or down.

Extremely sought after by collectors.