Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
, EA-18G Advanced Super Hornet
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The Boeing F-18 modernization program is known by several names, F/A-18 XT”,
Advanced Super Hornet or Block III. The program is meant to update EA-18G aircraft as
well as Block II F/A-18E/F aircraft to Block III standards and the production of all new
Block III aircraft. The program will provide a new low-observable coating reducing radar
cross section, new conformal fuel tanks, an increase in range or linger time, new radar
with a 10 X 9 inch touch-screens. Also added is a SATCOM capability enabling
communications between several sources. The airframe life is extended to 10,000 hours.
This is the very beginning of the process to develop this new model
that hopefully will be ready for September or October 2020 shipping