Canadian Pacific Airlines
"Canadair Four"
referred to as a North Star by others
"Empress of Vancouver"
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All markings are tampo (pad) applied, no decals to discolor or flake.
Free-spinning propellers.
Rolling wheels.
Landing gear can be removed or added.
Model comes with a display stand.
A brief history of the aircraft type and the airline is supplied with each model.
The Canadair North Star was developed from the Douglas C-54/DC-4. The Canadian company
used Rolls-Royce Merlin engines instead of the Douglas radial piston engines. The Merlins were

Canadair C-4-1 Northstar c/n 148 was delivered to Canadian Pacific Airlines in early 1949. It was
registered as CF-CPR, given a fleet number of 102 and named “Empress of Vancouver”. Others
referred to the aircraft as "Northstar" but CPA called them "Canadair fours". CF-CPR was the
second of 4 Northstars delivered to CPAL and operated on their Pacific routes to Japan and
Australia. On February 9, 1950 while landing in bad weather at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport the plane
over ran the runway, broke through a seawall and into Tokyo Bay. The aircraft was a write-off
and unbelievably no lives were lost.


Manufacturer - Canadair Aircraft Ltd. (Canada)

Number Built - 71

First Flight - July 15, 1946

Aircraft Type Designation
Canada - DC-4M / C-4-1
U.S. / NATO - C-54GM

Crew - 7

Payload - 44 passengers or 11,500 lbs (5,216 kg) of cargo

Wing Span - 117 ft 6 in (35.81 m)
Length - 94 ft 9.5 in (28.89 m)
Height - 27 ft 6 in (8.38 m)
Wing Area - 1,462 sq ft (135.82 sq m)

Empty - 43,500 lb (19,731 kg)
Gross - 73,000 lb (33,112 kg)

Engines - 4 x 1,760 hp Rolls-Royce Merlin 622 piston engines
Maximum Speed - 353 mph (568 km/h)
Cruising Speed - 325 mph (523 km/h)
Service Ceiling - 36,000 ft (10,970 m) Range: 420 mi (677 km)
Range - 420 mi (677 km)