Douglas DC-4
Air France, F-BBDF
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All markings are tampo (pad) applied, no decals to discolor or flake.
Free-spinning propellers.
Rolling wheels.
Landing gear can be removed or added.
Model comes with a display stand.
A brief history of the aircraft type and the airline is supplied with each model.
WWII in Europe had only ended a few months earlier when Overseas Airlines
introduced the first commercial North Atlantic DC-4 service. Another first took place on
between New York and Los Angeles. During the late 1940s and early 1950s the DC-4
and converted C-54s carried more passengers than any other four-engine transport.
Amazingly many of these aircraft are still operating more than 60 years after they were
first manufactured.

F-BBDF was built for Air France at the Douglas Aircraft Company facility in Long
Beach, California as a DC-4-1009 c/n 42938. F-BBDF was one of fifteen new DC-4s
acquired by Air France in 1946. On May 31, 1946 F-BBDF along with F-BBDE left the
USA and arrived at Paris LeBourget on June 1st. The aircraft spent most of its life
flying between Africa and France. In 1966 the aircraft was sold to Cameroon Air Lines
and eventually had 3 or 4 other owners before being destroyed in 1987.
Here's a bit of trivia that probably isn't well known:
Air France crews always wear black ties. The reason - In 1936, Mermoz, a great
French aviator disappeared somewhere between Dakar and Recife. Since then the
black tie is worn as a sign of mourning for his loss.

Passengers – up to 86

Length – 93 ft 10 in   (28.6 m)
Wingspan – 117 ft 6 in   (35.8 m)
Height – 27 ft 6 in   (8.38 m)

Empty – 43,300 lb   (19,640 kg)
Normal Load Weight – 63,500 lb   (28,800 kg)
Maximum Take-Off – 73,000 lb   (33,100 kg)

Engines – (4) Pratt & Whitney R-2000 radial / 1,450 hp each
Maximum Speed – 280 mph   (450 km/h)
Cruise Speed – 227 mph   (365 km/h)
Range – 4,250 miles   (6,839 km)
Service Ceiling – 22,300 ft   (6,800 m)