KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Lockheed  L-188C Electra, PH-LLG
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1/200 scale die-cast metal with minimal use of plastic.
All markings are tampo (pad) applied, no decals to discolor or flake.
Free-spinning propellers.
Rolling wheels.
Landing gear can be removed or added.
Model comes with a display stand.
A brief history of the aircraft type and the airline is supplied with each model.
188 Electra powered by four sleek turboprops instead of the usual large radial engines
or jet turbines. The combination of engine and the Hamilton Standard propeller offered a
much more reliable and fuel efficient aircraft that could travel at 375 mph for 2000 miles
at an altitude of 20,000 – 25,000 feet. When production ended in 1961 there had been
170 Electras completed.

Lockheed Electra L-188C production number 2014 first flew February 16, 1960. The
aircraft was purchased by KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines and registered as PH-LLG and
named “Neptunus”. On January 4, 1968 the aircraft was leased to Martinair Holland for
one year before returning to KLM. Three weeks later it was sold to Universal Airlines
and registered as N857U. After Universal the aircraft was owned by eight other airlines
and received five different registrations. The last owner was Channel Express who
purchased it in 1999 and it was still flying in 2005, 45 years after its first flight.

Specifications Lockheed Electra L-188C

Engines – (4) Allison 501-D13 @ 3,750 hp at take-off
Fuel Capacity – 6,940 gallons
Maximum Speed – 448 mph
Cruise Speed – 373 mph
Maximum Altitude - 28,400 ft
Range – 3,500 miles

Maximum Take-off – 116,000 lbs

Length – 104 ft 6 ins.
Wingspan – 99 ft