Hobby Master 1/72 Ground Power Series
JS-2 Russian Heavy Tank
88th Independent Guards Heavy Tank  Brigade,
Red Army, 1945
Fully assembled
True to Scale (1:7
Die-Cast chassis, turret and gun
Turret turns
Appliquéd turret armour
Main gun can be elevated
Realistic tracks
Realistic wheels
Highly detailed features
Professionally painted in accurate
Markings Tampo (pad) applied
The JS tanks were named after Joseph Stalin. The JS-2 had a 122mm D-25T main gun
and 6 road wheels to improve soft ground track performance. In 1944 new specifications
included new armour tempering, a 60-degree glacis replaced the 30-degree and the driver’
s front hatch was removed. Also a relocated wider porthole, improved mantlet, increased
lower hull side armor and a new periscope sight. The commander’s cupola moved to the
left and a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun attached. In 1944 2,250 JS-2’s were
produced and no further improvements were made until 1954.

In late April 1945 Soviet forces began their assault on Berlin capturing the city on May 2,
1945. As part of the operations JS-2 Heavy tanks were called in whenever Soviet forces
needed a German tank or building destroyed. The use of HE (High Explosive) incendiary
ammunition made the JS-2 very deadly. Regular Guard units had 3 regiments of 65 JS-2s
per regiment but the Independent Guard units had far fewer. The 88th Independent
Guards Heavy Tank Brigade was part of the 1st Belorussian Front.
Specifications IS-2

Crew:   4

Length (with gun):  10.74m  (35.24 ft)
Height:    2.93m    (9.61 ft)
Weight:   46,250 kg    (101963.8 lb)

Engine:   V-2 IS 12cyl. Diesel-engine/520hp
Speed:    37km/h  (22.99 mph)
Range:    150km   (93.2 mi)

Armor:   20mm - 160mm  (.79 in - 6.3 in)

Armament:    1 X 122mm (4.8 in)  M1943 D-25T L/43 gun
1 x 12.7mm (.5 in) M1938 DShK
1 x 7.62mm  (.3 in)  DT/DTM

Ammunition:  28 x 122mm shells
2331 x DT rounds
300 x DShK rounds
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