1/48 scale pre-finished
Die-cast metal with a minimum of plastic.
Professionally painted.
All markings pad applied for superb results.
Cockpit slides open.
Comes with a pilot that can be removed.
Comes with display stand.
Can be displayed with landing gear up or down.
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Hobby Master 1/48 Air Power Series
FW 190A-4
6./JG 1, Woensdrecht, Holland, October 1942
Reich Air Ministry for submissions for a new modern fighter and Kurt Tank won the
competition with his radical use of an air-cooled radial engine that he dubbed the Fw-190

performance but when the Fw-190 entered combat in the summer of 1941 it already was
Germany’s premiere piston-powered WWII fighter. Over 20,000 of all variants of the Fw-190
were built with 13,291 of these being of the 9 different “A” variants.

Fw-190A-4 5533 Yellow 6 was assigned to Oberleutnant Wolfgang Leonhardt, 6./JG 1. He
scored his first victory, a Spitfire on June 19, 1942. Late in 1942 JG 1 became involved in
the Defense of the Reich. On October 31, 1942 Yellow 6 was slightly damaged during a
crash landing and was repaired. Leonhardt scored a second victory on December 6, 1942
and his third on December 13, 1942. On January 22, 1943 he scored 2 more victories but on
February 4, 1943 he was shot down by a B-17.

Specifications for the Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-7
Crew 1

Wing span - 10.5 m
Length - 8.95 m
Height - 3.95 m

Powerplant – 1 x PE BMW-801D-2, 1700 hp
Maximum speed - 610 km/h
Time to 6000 m - 9 minutes
Service ceiling – 11,400 m
Service range (with external fuel tank) – 1,470 km

Empty - 3,470 kg
Maximum takeoff - 4,900 kg

4 X 20-mm cannons
2 X 13-mm machine guns